Beware of Zip and Rar files

Zip and Rar files are good and are widely used throughout the world, but there is a mistake that people will make that will cost you dearly, when you use them...
Beware of Zip and Rar files
You know, ZIP and RAR files are files that contain other files in a compressed format. They are used to reduce disk space and to enable easy transportation of files. However, there is a drawback when you access those files...

You see, I once found out that my hard disk space is getting less and less everyday, every week. I checked the files and what did I find? The TEMP folder was taking up tons of space. I went inside to have a look and OH MY GOD, how come I could see lots of files that I was using, have used before and have deleted...

I have seen those files somewhere... oh wait those were the files that I obtained from ZIP and RAR archives, but what the hell were they doing there? Apparently, after investigation, I found that whenever you double-clicked on a file INSIDE a ZIP or RAR archive, it will be extracted to the TEMP folder and then open for your viewing. Once you close the file, the temporary copy in your TEMP folder remains, taking up space.

So I have noted to myself, never to open any file from ZIP or RAR archives BEFORE properly extracting those files to a folder of my choice.

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Tags : zip, rar, compression files, beware
Posted on 2008-07-01 [Tue] 18:31 with 5549 hits
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