Error Loading Operating System - Windows XP

That problem bugged me for one big whole night. In the end I solved it. Are you experiencing the same thing?
Error Loading Operating System - Windows XP
Error Loading Operating System - Windows XP. That problem bugged me for one big whole night. In the end I solved it. Are you experiencing the same thing?

I reformatted my Windows ME computer and installed Windows XP but after the blue installation screen, the computer rebooted and then it says Error Loading Operating System. I tried the whole night to fix that, including changing Bios settings, using fixmbr and fixboot and bootcfg. Nothing worked.

In the end, around 12 midnight, I found out that the partitions were causing the problems. Apparently, the Windows XP partitioning system (during the installation) can mess things up big time.

o First, I got an MS-DOS bootdisk from and then put in a blank floppy and ran the bootdisk program. The program will create a bootdisk.
o Then I changed my BIOS settings to make the computer boot from floppy. I restarted the computer. Pressing Delete key repeatedly when the computer is restarting will take you to the BIOS. There, at the second BIOS option, go in the second option and there is a part where it says First Boot Device. Set it to Floppy. Then Save and Exit the CMOS setup. o The computer will restart. Insert your DOS boot floppy when it does. Your computer will be running DOS now.
o At that time my computer was booting up using the DOS floppy. I installed delpart.exe (you can find it on the Internet) in another floppy from my other computer and ran it on the crap one. By taking out the DOS floppy, I inserted the one with delpart.exe and typed delpart at the prompt. Using the delpart software, I deleted all partitions and then saved the deletions. (Without saving, the partitions will NOT be deleted).
o Then I put the DOS floppy back in and ran fdisk. Using fdisk I created 2 partitions, one primary and one extended (also created a logical on the extended). I filled up all the available hard disc space without leaving any unpartitioned.
o With all that done, I set the boot sequence to CD first, installing Windows XP all over, into the Primary Partition. When prompted to format, I chose the 3rd option (NTFS, NOT Quick NTFS). After that, NO MORE ERROR!!

I know a lot of guys are having this problem. You can contact me if you can't fix yours...
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Tags : error loading operating system, windows service pack 2, error
Posted on 2006-10-07 [Sat] 05:13 with 23576 hits
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