What You Are Destined For

You may think that your life sucks, your life is unfair. But some people say otherwise. They say that life is fair... well, I believe I know the secret. At least, I know some part of it.
What You Are Destined For
Does your life suck? Do you think life is unfair for you? Especially when you encounter some bad luck or some failures?

Some people say that life is truly unfair. But to others, they say that it is just bad luck or just the person experiencing the bad luck just needs to learn and experience more in life just to get better.

From my own experience, that is not the case. How do you explain some people who are very good at a lot of things but are still unsuccessful? They know a lot of things or are very skilled in a certain field but they never get the chance or opportunity to make things work for them and in the end, they still stay in the shadows. How do you explain this?

Well, it is all in the destiny. I am referring to an ancient Chinese study called BaZi that dates back thousands of years ago. According to BaZi, everyone has a 4-pillar destiny chart that will tell what that person is destined to do and how successful they will be. If that person is destined to be an athlete, he will experience lots of good luck and opportunities if he does sports. And if he goes to play Forex for example, he will experience lots of failures no matter how skilled he trains himself to be.

He is just not meant to play Forex. There is a lot more to it that I have studied, and I am pretty sure, I cannot explain all of it in this post. But then again, the concept is simple: a bird is meant to fly and a fish is meant to swim. No matter how hard a bird trains itself to swim and in the end gets good at it, it will never enjoy the success of swimming as compared to a fish. Even birds that are good swimmers like ducks an penguins cannot swim like fish. And vice-versa for the fish in terms of flight. Therefore, this explains why a bird might experience lots of "bad luck" if it continues to go swimming.
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