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Flash For NoobsFlash For Noobs : This tutorial teaches those newbies of Flash about the basics. Will get you going in no time.Author: The Shadow MasterPosted by: [joshT] on 2006-07-03 [Mon] 13:31 with 4222 hits
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Cyclomaniacs Epic Cyclomaniacs Epic Cyclomaniacs Epic : 2D cycling bike action at its best. Take on challenging terrain and opponents! [1014]
Angry Birds Shellball 3 Angry Birds Shellball 3 Angry Birds Shellball 3 : The damn angry birds are back! The pigs have grown larger! But the angry birds are in love! [1741]
Batman Heroes Defence Batman Heroes Defence Batman Heroes Defence : Play as Batman and defeat the fat and ugly bad guys from Marvel comics. [1653]
Virtua Police Stage 2 Virtua Police Stage 2 Virtua Police Stage 2 : A game that reminds me of Virtua Cop by SEGA. You get to shoot down bad guys by clicking. Very nice to play.Author: fungus_shark408 [1613]
Burn Everything Burn Everything Burn Everything : A puzzle game mixed with action! Your job is to burn everything! [2381]
chaosfaction chaosfaction chaosfaction : 29 weapons, 18 characters, 15 levels, 14 months in the making.Start the game in one of three mode of play:CAMPAIGN: Defeat the boss of each arena to unlock extra characters, weapons and levelsDEATHMATCH: Create your own custom game with your own teams, settings and rules in a melee style blood-bathSURVIVAL: Defeat as many enemies as you can and then submit your score to the online scoreboardAuthor: Dissolute [4746]
Read Lead Read Lead Read Lead : This is a charity game for Comic Relief´s Red Nose Day developed by Tamba Internet. Help save the rednoses before they go pop. If you can play breakout, you can play this. [2022]
Love Chef Love Chef Love Chef : A cute anime style game where you need to cook the perfect meal! [2045]
SnakeBox SnakeBox SnakeBox : Ever played snake before? Well, this is a 3D version of it and the snake is cubed! [1510]
Disk and World RPG Disk and World RPG Disk and World RPG : Play as a Wizard, Barbarian or Tourist in a junior-level flash RPG. [1040]


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