Transformers the Movie - 10 things that Let Me Down

Don't get me wrong, Transformers the Movie 2007 is a masterpiece. It is a great action movie. Full of suspense, special effects... There are LOTS and LOTS of fans worldwide. But as a movie, it was below average, at least for me it was. Sorry Transformers the Movie 2007 fans, but it let me down...
Transformers the Movie - 10 things that Let Me Down
Don't get me wrong, Transformers the Movie 2007 is a masterpiece. It is a great action movie. Full of suspense, special effects... There are LOTS and LOTS of fans worldwide. But as a movie, it was below average, at least for me it was. Sorry Transformers the Movie 2007 fans.

Since long ago, even when I was in pre-school. I used to watch Transformers. Transformers Headmasters, Generation 1, Masterforce... And my favorite: Transformers Victory. I have no idea why I like those so much but I do. Transformers rocks. Even until now. Beast Wars, Beast Machines, Transformers Cybertron, Transformers Energon... They never seize to amaze me. But then I watched Transformers the Movie 2007. After the whole movie, only one feeling came to my heart. As a true Transformers fan, I was disappointed.

Transformers the Movie 2007 is nothing like Transformers. Sure they have the characters like Optimus Prime, Bumble Bee, Star Scream, Megatron... But in the end, after the whole movie, I was still let down. Here are the 10 things that let me down:

Number 10. Transformers, Robots that Disgust?
Come on. They are all very realistic and cool. But they are so realistic that they aren't the cool autobots that I know. I mean look at Megatron's face. Look at Optiimus Prime. So this why he always covers up his mouth in the cartoons? They are supposed to be covered up in colorful metal, or maybe not so colorful but in the movie, the robots reveal all their ugly internal parts... That is not quite the reason that let me down, and so here comes number 9.

Number 9. Unrecognizable bots.
I could only recognize Optimus Prime because he had the truck windscreens on his chest, but apart from him, and maybe yellow Bumble Bee and Star Scream the jet plane, the rest of the bots in Transformers the Movie all look quite the same. The action is quite fast and before I could identify a certain transformer, the screen changes. The original Transformers cartoons always had colored armors for easy identification.

Number 8. No villain introductions.
Who are the villains? The Decepticons? Of course. But when will they arrive? When will they attack? What are they planning now? What is their goal? What is their objective? What is the issue? Well, I think Optimus Prime explained a bit about that in his hologram video but that was just the villain information. Usually, there should be scenes involving the villains when the badguys are conspiring an attack or an evil plot. OK, Megatron got captured on Earth, so perhaps show a scene where Star Scream is talking to the rest of the Decepticons about plans on rescuing Megatron or something. That way, I would have suspense, asking myself "Will they succeed if they do this? Can the Earth forces and Autobots stop them or is their masterplan too good? Let's find out...". But no. The Decepticons just arrive at some point of the movie, fight and die. Period.

Number 7. Megatron's dominance was reduced.
In almost every Transformers Series, Megatron is a tyrant who is a super-capable leader and also super evil. But in Transformers the Movie, he just gets rescued (or should I say reactivated), and then jumps into the fight and then loses to a kid. What's up with that?!

Number 6. Rushed through.
I can sense that the whole storyline is terrific as well. And the presentation is top-notch. But the choice of scenes makes the delivery of the movie to fail. Almost 1.5 hours were spent on the kid's (Sam Witwiki, am I correct?) encounter with the autobots and the national security trying to find out what is wrong, and also some minor introductions to the transformers involving mostly Bumblebee. Then there is half an hour left to execute the main plot of the story which is: "Can the Decepticons be chased out of Earth?". For me, half an hour was hardly enough. And when watching all the action pouring out so fast, I was blur and frowning.

Number 5. They fight in front of my eyes!
And then they fight. Right in front of my eyes!! Transformers the movie is all about the cool 3D transforming effects and the other special effects categorized under "action", but when all that is happening really close to the camera with real zoom-ins and zoom-outs, they all look really really awesome. But that also means I don't know who's fighting who, who is winning, who is currently dominating... And the Transformers are so big. They are NOT human-size! To sum up, it is like I am cat, thrown into and trapped in a room where 4 guys are fighting one another and I look at them and have no idea what is happening.

Number 4. The fightings were pointless although cool.
In Transformers cartoons, the autobots always fight in this manner: They confront each other and exchange words, then they start to fight, often by taking turns. One bot would unleash some special move and the other would try and block it or get hit. Then the later bot would find a way to counter and then it would be his turn. They still trash-talk all the way. When watching these fights, I often have a feeling of "Who Will Win?! Who Will Win?!". In Transformers the Movie though, they fight by throwing stuff at each other, punching, slashing, shooting, transforming every now and then. I have no idea what they are doing. All looks cool, but for me they were quite pointless.

Number 3. Where was the disaster?
Armaggeddon was great. One of my favorites. It successfully told the story of a disaster waiting to happen and it did and then what mankind did to save Earth. Transformers had a similar idea but too much was focused on Sam Witwiki and Bumblebee and other stuff, that in the end, there was not much to time to squeeze in the disaster story of Megatron taking over Earth or whatever he wanted to do with it. And the fighting had to be squeezed in too...

Number 2. The first part of the show was terrific.
In Number 3, I said the first part of Transformers the Movie centered on Sam Witwiki and bumblebee, but I loved the acting portrayed by the actors and I thought to myself. This would be a great movie. But as I watched past an hour, I thought to myself. They just have one hour left to tell the story and they are still not up to 25%. Can they squeeze it in? Yes they were able to. And the squeezing let me down.

Number 1. What happened?
The movie ended. Autobots now live amongst us. I was asking myself: "What" What happened? That's it?"

For all of you Transformers the Movie fans, I am not saying that Transformers the Movie 2007 is a bad movie, it is actually an awesome production, but as a long-time Transformers fan, I could sense that this movie is nothing like the Transformers Series in terms of details, appearance and presentation but this is perhaps deliberate, for originality, but it very much let me down.

Written by Josh Tam (

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