The Things People Will Say To Support What They Like

I am quite frustrated over something recently. And it is about what I overheard some people saying. I have no idea how this kind of idea got into their minds but I personally think it is rather stupid...
The Things People Will Say To Support What They Like
I recently overheard some people saying some things that were hard for me to comprehend. I have no idea whether they said it out of stupidity or to defend their own desires. What did they say?

Well, it was a conversation about food that could harm the body. It is about white sugar and white flour. The general public knows that white sugar, when taken in huge amounts, is detrimental to the body. This goes to white flour as well. If you go ask any health specialist or browse to any health websites, you will be told that if possible, we should avoid white sugar and white flour totally. And if we cannot, then we should take those in small amounts everyday. This is health 101. Basic stuff. But what I overheard was... well... I don't know whether I should label it stupid or just crazy. It went like this:

``Saying white flour is bad is sinful. There are countries experiencing famine and they have white flour shortage. We have white flour and we should eat it.``

``Saying white sugar is bad is sinful. There are countries experiencing famine and they have white sugar shortage. We have white sugar and we should eat it.``

OK, what the hell. I whole-heartedly object to the above statements of crap. You see...

1) Just because some countries experience white flour and white sugar shortage, white flour and white sugar become good?!
2) I searched on Google the exact phrases "white flour shortage" and "white sugar shortage" and I got only a handful of hits. This means white flour and white sugar shortage in the world is nearly ZERO! However, a search on general flour and sugar shortage gave me some hits, but those include wholemeal flour and other types of sugar, so those do not count.
3) Even if there is white flour or white sugar shortage, there won't be a problem if the countries have brown sugar and other grains/flour instead.

So I pondered on why the people made the above statements and I came to 1 conclusion:
You see, human nature is like this: People will do and say whatever they can to support what they like, eventhough they know it is bad/wrong. But they will do or say it because they like it. And people like all the delicious stuff made using white flour and white sugar. What not. And when others tell them the dangers of having too much of that stuff, they just have to retaliate with their own logic. Someone is bashing their favorite stuff!! And in this case, they are using the guilt strategy - saying that those people who tell the truth about the dangers of white sugar and white flour are "sinful", and they touch on world famine. Pretty clever, huh? STUPID.

White flour and white sugar are KILLER foods. Poison. They kill SLOWLY! After they make people addicted to them and worship them.

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Posted on 2009-12-03 [Thu] 00:26 with 6447 hits
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