The 3C Internet Generation

Since the early years of Web 2.0 where people were allowed to voice their thoughts freely, the start of the 3C Internet Generation has begun!
The 3C Internet Generation
What is the 3C Internet Generation exactly? It is the name that I use to call a generation of people who Complain, Criticize and Chicken out; thus 3C. People are like this since the dawn of free speech. It is just that with the advancement of free speech on the Internet, the 3C phenomenon has become widespread online.

3C is all because of a person's emotions, ego and selfishness. Everyone has ego and emotions and is selfish to a certain degree. People like to get what they want. And the more they get what they want, the more they think they are entitled to it. So when they get spoiled that way, the moment they don't get what they want, they complain. And when they get something slower or of a lower quality or for a higher price, they criticize. But when they are challenged by someone else, they get defensive, saying all sorts of excuses like "I have the right to complain", "You are just not good enough", "I am right", "I deserve the best". Some even call those who challenge them "defensive". It is like they are like the boss on the Internet where everyone else including content providers are their workers who work for free but must provide them with whatever they ask no matter how illogically impossible it may be. Except that they are far from being the boss. But they do this because they can. And they won't get shot down for it because of the Internet anonymity. When they are challenged further, to reveal their true identity, reveal their credentials, they chicken out.

This is how low people have sunk. The last resort after they get silenced is "Freedom of Speech". According to them they are free to do anything they want. Yeah right. The very freedom to act, to choose the timeframe to provide content, to choose to work for them or not, to disagree, that they denied others of. They are free to criticize, complain, ridicule, call names and insult, all in the name of freedom, whereas others will feel their heat the moment there is a contrasting opinion. And this bunch of people are the ones who shout "Hypocrisy" the loudest, it's not even funny anymore.

Brace yourselves. 3C is not going anywhere. Instead, it is getting stronger by the day.
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Posted on 2015-08-16 [Sun] 21:20 with 67936 hits
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