Studying For Exams : The 3 Parts

I have been able to cope with exams my whole life. Even the difficult ones. So how do I go studying for exams to pass and get good grades? Well, here is how I do it...
OK, you see, most academic subjects are divided into a few parts:

1st part: Concepts/Theories/Understanding
2nd part: Facts & Data
3rd part: Skill
... and maybe some more but...

For each part, there exist their own type of questions:

1st part: Questions that ask you on the concepts
2nd part: Questions that ask you to list and/or elaborate on facts
3rd part: Asks you to do calculations or answer questions on situations that will require you to apply the skills and concepts from 1st part.

Depending on the subject, you need to adjust your study type. If the subject is more on 1st part, with lots of concepts and theories, you don't need to study much at all. All you need to do is pay attention in class or for distance learners, when we read our modules, we must understand the concepts and theories. Once we do, those will stick in our heads and our hearts. When they stick, they will not be forgotten.

If the subject has lots of facts and data, like history or like this subject's Digital Library Topic, we need to memorize. This is where last minute comes in. Face it. We are all human beings. Homo Sapiens. Our brains cannot be upgraded to 300Gig of storage space. So if we study one month before, we will definitely not remember all when exam comes. Therefore, we must use certain techniques to sum up the data and facts, like making small notes. Then during last minute, those notes will be our saviour! If you can, bring your whole module but make sure you made annotations. During last minute, JUST BEFORE GOING INTO EXAM, you scan through the annotations. But remember not to bring your notes into exam... haha.

Then if the subject is more to 3rd part, where you need to do calculations, we have to also memorize formulas and develop the skills to answer questions. Memorizing formulas can also be done last minute, but not necessarily because formulas stick longer in our brains if we practice more. The key here is to practice. Examples of such subjects are: Financial Management, Physics, Computer Systems...

To conclude, I am saying from my personal academic experience that each subject is different and has its own different study method. And one of the methods is "last minute".

But for those who misunderstood me, last minute study is NOT studying everything on the last minute. "Study everything last minute" and "Last Minute Study" are 2 different things. But the good news here is that we prepare some parts to be studied last minute; because those parts, if studied earlier like one-two weeks ahead, will not help and will be a waste of time anyways (cannot remember). So we have more time for other daily activities.

Good luck

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