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Www.egnk.com The characters are only similar in name and the story feels like they chewed it up and spit it out and whatever stuck to the storyboard they went with. Romance Videos I don`t know if its gotten better but when there are episodes that have flashbacks from the previous episode that are not important and when one fight is spaced out for five episodes of flashbacks and worthless dialogs it just drives me crazy. Www.egnk.com Nothing personal to James as a director.

Nowfor the bad While the show stays true to the manga, that`s all it really is. .. Www.egnk.com Computer Generated Images really suck for TV shows. They don`t look pure energy like they are in the anime but just like slow motion fire. These goggles keep the Sigma Six team connected to Hi-Tech and the various Sat Links, but it also turns the GI Joe team into nothing more than drones controlled by the mainframe. Www.egnk.com Its always complain, complain and complain.

Sigma Six is also a well worth effort and I say big up to the producers! Www.egnk.com And of course, various characters named after foods.

Drama Videos `This is not a movie for the fans or anyone who has never seen the anime.

This is not why I think 20th Century Fox was not putting money into this project initially.


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