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Pirates Xxx also the biggest problem is also about the duke after twenty years he is also still young and fresh to fight! Xxx Ni What is the point of a TV show about a bunch of GI Joes who are told what to do by their computer? Xxxwww. Movies like final fantasy have a high budget and talent behind them. Xxx,جصان Nowfor the bad While the show stays true to the manga, that`s all it really is. .. Pirates Xxx Where is the leadership factor? The posters suck and the trailers suck. Xxx,جصان Nothing personal to James as a director. How the mighty have fallen!

It might also be missing some Joes and Cobra but as far as I can see its no loss! When does instinct and experience pay off? Xxxwww. Not only nothing in this film resembles the original DB, it is a disgrace.


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