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مص نهود And because the manga still hasn`t been finished yet, the show moves at a snail`s pace to avoid catching up. But for TV the CGI look horrible.

مصمصه ايرى حت يفضي I will say that the one thing that made me mad the most was the CGI. مصمصه ايرى حت يفضي And of course, various characters named after foods. From observing the promotion materials of Dragonball, it seems that Fox doesn`t want to do this movie at all. Movies like final fantasy have a high budget and talent behind them. مص نهود OK people I can tell you that I gave up on the anime some time after episode 50. مص نهود even though the manga went through brief phases where it was slow.

I will say that the one thing that made me mad the most was the CGI.

مصارعه قليه الادب The worst of it is actually during the fight sequences, which can tend to lag with needless dialogue and very little action for several episodes, although this problem is starting to go away as of about the 80th episode. مصارعه قليه الادب The entire outcome is a disaster and disappointment. Sigma Six is also a well worth effort and I say big up to the producers!


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