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Sxey but maybe they changed it now.

In fact i think why sums up the entire movie. Videos For one of the most action packed animes around they sure did the opposite with the movie. Sxey i hope the real American hero`s com back in their on place and i hope this series will also not be included as a sequel for GI Joe.

I wont ruin the story but its nothing like the anime, as i said before the characters are only similar to the anime by name. Sxey Not only nothing in this film resembles the original DB, it is a disgrace. It is understandable that the film isn`t exactly the same as the original comic, but the characters and the plot just suck as a film on its own. Videos Dragonball is a hot cult in Asia and it hits the western market because of the stylistic action and fight sequences. Videos I don`t know if its gotten better but when there are episodes that have flashbacks from the previous episode that are not important and when one fight is spaced out for five episodes of flashbacks and worthless dialogs it just drives me crazy. Those A lot of us are looking for a remake of this movie. Those The worst of it is actually during the fight sequences, which can tend to lag with needless dialogue and very little action for several episodes, although this problem is starting to go away as of about the 80th episode.


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