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زبر وكس I wont ruin the story but its nothing like the anime, as i said before the characters are only similar to the anime by name. زبر في كس I`ve seen a live action version of Dragonball shot by the Malaysian years ago. the worse member of the group is also tunnel rate his characters in the former squall`s was also according to reality but this one is also just a junk. زبر في كس Another big negative to the series is the reliance on the green computer goggles. زبر في كس I logged out and signed in again and the mail solution gave me the same message. وكسبنا القضية The story is probably too confusing for anyone who doesn`t know the entire back-story of the anime. زبر وكس To me this whole thing isn`t making any sense at all because there are not established fans across the globe, and Dragonball comic and cartoon itself has last more than TWO decades. At the end of the movie all i could do was ask `Why did they make this movie and who did they make this movie for? زبر وكس Who makes the hard choices? زبر في كس The characters are only similar in name and the story feels like they chewed it up and spit it out and whatever stuck to the storyboard they went with. Why James is not hired to direct this movie in the first place? Watching DBE i can immediately tell the directors and everyone else involved have not watched more than a few episodes of the entire Dragonball series.


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