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Shin Streaming Video Searcher

Stream videos from Youtube : movies, anime, trailers, screenshots, humor, cartoons, tv shows and a lot more videos!


About Shin Streaming Video Searcher

The Internet is a big and fun place with lots of videos to watch, such as movies, trailers, anime, cartoons, TV series, home videos, funny videos, dramas, sneak peeks, teasers, intros, gameplay videos... you name it. And Youtube is the largest database of videos in the world. But it is sometimes fun to view Youtube Videos using a different interface. Youtube even provides the API to allow it. Therefore, Shin Streaming Video Searcher is born...

You can search for youtube videos and then watch the youtube videos now or download the videos to watch them later! SSVS is unlike other Youtube Video Download services on the Internet. Instead of having to search for the Youtube URL to input into a textbox to download the video, you can just search for the videos right from SSVS. And then when viewing the video, there is a download link and you can download that video straight away. This makes SSVS the easiest way to download Youtube videos.