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Stream videos from the Internet! : movies, anime, trailers, sports, humor, cartoons, tv shows, news, reality shows, music, concerts and a lot more videos!

About Shin Streaming Video Searcher

The Internet is a big and fun place with lots of videos to watch, such as movies, trailers, anime, cartoons, TV series, home videos, funny videos, dramas, sneak peeks, teasers, intros, gameplay videos, sports, wrestling, reality shows... you name it.

Shin Streaming Video Searcher is born... and you can search videos like what you can do on Youtube. Except that you can find videos here that you cannot find on Youtube!

You can search for weird videos and then watch them now or watch them later! SSVS is unlike other video portals on the Internet.

There is now no need to subscribe to cable TV or satellite channels. You can watch all you want to watch as long as you have Internet access, a decent Internet speed and some knowledge on where to find what you want to watch. Most video sites, including SSVS, include videos of various definitions such as 720p, 360p, 480p and so on. So, enjoy and have fun!
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