Spirit Attachments

There is so much pain, sickness and suffering in this world. Not to mention the countless deaths and accidents occurring everywhere. There is scientific explanation for some but not for all, but an interesting theory behind this is spirit attachments.
Spirit Attachments
An interesting theory behind unexplained accidents, pain, suffering and sickness is spirit attachments. According to religions in Asia and also some findings in the west, ghosts or spirits are everywhere around us. You may not believe this, but I am just telling you what is being said and reported.

According to people who can see the spirits, there are various types of spirits floating around. Just that we are not able to see them with our naked eyes. What are they? They are the souls of people or animals that have passed away. But they have no place to go to and they are wandering aimlessly. Some attach themselves to things and other attach themselves to people. Now, people and souls do not go well together, so the `attached` person would definitely feel some sort of sickness. Sometimes the spirits deliberately cause harm to the attachee and sometimes not.

According to this webpage, spirits are not the only entities that can attach to people. Dark angels and aliens can do so as well. In their context, aliens are not beings from other planets. They are beings from another dimension or frequency and we cannot see them unless they convert themselves to their physical body form.

And since spirit attachment is a pain, there are several methods to get rid of them. One way is to use the spirit attachment removal sound, a sound that is deemed to be able to drive spirits away temporarily. Another way is to pray a lot and meditate, making our mind stable. The reason behind this is that spirits can attach themselves more easily to people with weaker minds. Yet another way is exorcism but that is dangerous. But will the methods above work? Only a powerful spiritual master who can see ghosts will be able to tell...

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Tags : spirits, ghosts, demons, evil, attachments, sickness, pain, suffering
Posted on 2009-10-28 [Wed] 17:12 with 6674 hits
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