Singing With The Throat

I recently went to have a karaoke session with my parents and their friends. We all sang for several ours and our throats were all sore. Probably because of bad singing techniques.
Singing With The Throat
I was singing at a karaoke session with my parents and their friends. My singing technique was not that good. I was singing right through my throat and was feeling the strain, especially when hitting higher notes.

According to one of my mother's friends who is a talented singer, I should not sing right from the throat and increase loudness and pitch by just shouting out the notes. Doing so would permanently hurt the throat badly and in the end, I would not be able to sing anymore. She said that to be good at singing, I need to learn to attack from the mask, whatever that meant. She said, the throat should just be used to emit sound and then I need to bring the sound forward so that it seems like the sound is coming from the front of my face, around the nose and teeth, instead of from the chest and throat.

I am still pondering what she is trying to say, but I will check it out on the Internet later on. That nice lady really has a beautiful voice and a wide range!

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Tags : singing, throat, larynx, pain, stress, strain, resonance, vibration
Posted on 2009-09-09 [Wed] 17:54 with 4298 hits
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