News of September 2007 2

The Newgrounds Madness contest results are out and it is just like what I suspected!
News of September 2007 2
Quoted from Tom Fulp:

Madness Day was a huge success, with over 200 submissions! It's never easy picking winners, but the following list has been "Krinkels approved."

1. Madness: Deus Ex Machina
2. Madness Manufactory
3. You can not kill Hank
4. Madness - Preloaded
5. Happiness Apotheosis
6. Xionic Madness
7. Fistful of Madness
8. Redness Precedence
9. Madness of the Dead
10. Cut the Madness

There were three NG-centric Madness movies that were all in the top 10 range, so I decided to just create three additional $250 prizes for them:

11. Madness: Newgrounds
12. Madness: Pathway through NG
13. HQ Madness

Also, because there were so many movies, we decided to put the best games in their own "Best Game" award category, for a $250 bonus prize each:

1. absolute.Madness
2. Madness: Deathwish

Well well, my sister got second!! You can watch Madness Manufactory here...


My opinion on the winners. I strongly had a hunch that it won't be reflected from audience voting. The audience are right in a way and they picked the stuff that they like most. But deciding winners isn't all aobut voting. I've seen a fair share of stuff that are good that sank to the bottom of the portal because of NG users who did not like/understand the concept or simply missed it. Anyways, I suspect the NG crew and Krinkels would pick winners based on other factors too, like how well a movie represents the original madness, audio usage, storyline... and maybe some other factors too, and well well was I right. Deus got first, Manufactory got second, you can not kill hank got third... (isn't it spelled as "cannot", not "can not"?)


Almost half of the Madness Day 2007 submissions were decent and made me laugh, even some crappy ones, like the one with a Gary Brolsma in it, so Madness Day rox!

Congrats to Jess-the-dragoon, I know my cute little sister is a little ____ but she can win some.

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Posted on 2007-09-25 [Tue] 03:57 with 5890 hits
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