Salt to Repel Spirits

Have you ever wondered why bad stuff and mishaps and misfortunes happen to you for no apparent reason? When things are going so well and the tables just turn? Probably the work of evi spirits... and if that happens, using salt can probably repel them.
It is safe to say that everything happens for a reason. Good things and bad things. However, when good things are concern, we do not spend much attention on the causes of the good things. However, when bad things happen, we will try to find out the causes. But in many cases, they happen for no apparent reason. However, everything happens for a reason, just that we need to find out what the reason is.

In some cases, invisible spirits maybe at work. For those who do not believe in this kind of thing, they may try very hard to find scientific explanations, but in reality, there have been many cases where spiritual solutions were implemented and the problems were solved. For example, mysterious illnesses thought to be caused by nearby evil spirits were cured when the spirits were supposedly sent away.

From what I heard, salt can be a very powerful substance to ward off and repel evil spirits. By throwing salt and lining the doors and windows of your house with salt, evil spirits are thought to not be able to cross and enter your house. This is because of the purity of salt as a substance. Although this may sound like just another superstition, many have used it for years and years or even centuries. This practice can also be seen in the popular TV drama Supernatural.

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