Sabermania [Tamugaia]

With your lightsaber or flashsaber, slash your way through the Sabermania tournament and win!

There are plans on making Sabermania 2 or a sequel with some other name.

This is the official page of Sabermania! Sabermania is a first person slasher game

Are you a Star Wars lightsaber battle, Jedi Knight and Sith Lord fan? If you are, then play Sabermania!!

Set in the near future. After watching Star Wars, the light saber concept became so popular that manufacturers start developing flashsabers and lightsabers. A new sport (like Kendo) emerged, involving saber fights using flashsabers and lightsabers. That sport is called Sabermania!!
The Sabermania arena is surrounded by an aura of darkness. Can you stop the darkness from shrouding Earth?

IMPORTANT NOTE: You definitely have to go through the tutorial and practice before playing against the computer. Also, tamseries.dk3.com is no more. It's actually this site.


-- Is this game freeware?
For now, absolutely! If you want to put it on your website, why not? However, please email me or send me a message via this website after doing so and tell me your website address. I would really like to see Sabermania on your site. You can redistribute Sabermania in any way you like. Just don`t claim it as your own or alter the contents.

-- The keys are not working!! What happened!?
You must have clicked somewhere else, deselecting the game. Click anywhere on the screen (cursor might disappear) and the keys should work.

-- Isn`t this just like Ronin Spirit of the Sword?
Oh, that famous awesome game on newgrounds. Like Ronin, Sabermania is also a first person slasher game. However, after playing both Ronin and Sabermania, you would be able to sense the difference. Sabermania`s system is way different from Ronin`s.

-- The game is lagging. What do I do?!
The game should not lag much but if it does, go back to the main menu and click on LOW quality. You can also turn OFF the backgrounds.

-- Where are the keys?!
Z and X. Please read the tutorial to learn how to work the saber with those keys.

-- I can`t seem to do anything. How do I fight using the saber?!
Read, learn and practice at the tutorial.

-- Why do I have to strike the opponent down with so many blows? Isn`t the lightsaber supposed to kill with one hit?
If you have not touched the options, then the default saber is the flashsaber that can only stun the opponent until he/she is weak. You can set the option to lightsaber if you want. For the third time, read the tutorial.

-- Why isn`t the tutorial helpful?
Probably because you quickly skipped all the text.

-- I get killed too easily. Why?
You need more practice at the tutorial mode (where you can`t get killed).

-- I win too easily. Why?
That means you are very good at the game already. Have you tried flashsaber level 8?

-- Why no highscores?
The last time I did a highscore table with Armada Assault, my bandwidth exploded... I mean exceeded, so I am unable to make one for Sabermania. Sorry!

-- This and that move (fighting styles) is wrong. Why is it like that?
I apologize. I am not a kendo expert or martial artist. If you would like to point out which parts are wrong, by all means! Send me a message through this site. Thanks!

-- The lightsaber is wrong. It is supposed to be ... etc. etc.
First of all, I am not a lightsaber expert and thus I might make some mistakes there. Second, this is done using Flash, not a sophisticated 3D program, therefore, I might not be able to simulate the Star Wars lightsaber perfectly. Lastly, this is not Star Wars. The storyline is, the guys like Star Wars so much that they decided to bui ld their own sabers, so it is not surprising that the sabers differ from those in Star Wars. However, I would very much like to hear your saber corrections, so that I can do even better next time. Message me via this site! Thanks.


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