Renga Samurai Walkthrough

The official walkthrough page for Renga Samurai, the samurai puzzle slashing flash game!
Renga Samurai Walkthrough
Are you struggling to complete the levels of Renga Samurai? This page is to provide tips and a walkthrough for you to finish the game.


1. You can move the bricks around before cutting them. This way, you can cut different-sized rectangles. For example, if you slice the brick in half vertically, and move the right one a bit down and then slice them both horizontally, you can get 4 bricks of different sizes.
2. To find out how you can fit a puzzle, estimate the number of bricks needed to fit, then you will have a clue how to cut them. For example, if you see that 9 squares are needed to make up a puzzle, you will know that you have to cut the brick into 9, which is to slice it into 3x3 with 4 cuts (tic-tac-toe)
3. You do not have to follow the shape exactly. In many of the puzzles, allowance is given. Sometimes you may find that you fit everything in the shape but there are some blank parts of the shape. It is still considered a win!
4. If you fit all in the shape but you cannot win yet, it would mean that some of the bricks are still not entirely in the shape. Crossing a bit over the dashed border lines would still count as OUTSIDE the shape. So you can check for such occurrences.
5. You can slice the brick into many small bricks with a few slashes. The trick is to slice many bricks with one slash. For example, instead of cutting up 2 bricks vertically 1 by 1, you can stack them up and cut them vertically just once, thus, saving one cut.


This is not the walkthrough. This is just a slideshow showing you the pieces you need to cut, in case you really still want to think the puzzles out. If you want the complete walkthrough, see below:

Walkthrough videos:
Levels 1 to 5
Levels 6 to 10
Levels 11 to 14
Levels 15 to 18
Levels 19 to 22
Levels 23 & 24

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