Platform Games

Platform games are games that let you control a character, adventuring through different stages, whipping the critters and fighting bosses...
Platform Games
But what is so special about platform games? Well, as a game developer myself, and an adventure lover, I believe the core fun of platform games lies in the adventure that you get. You get to visit lots of cool stages in the game, with platforms to jump about. Sometimes, you get to interact with the stage by triggering switches, opening doors to new areas. There may also be secret chambers to uncover, that may hold special items.

Another specialty of platform games is definitely the battle. No matter how simple or sophisticated the battle system is, the game will be fun if it includes a variety of critters with a variety of difficulty levels. And at the end of the stage, your character will need to face a boss, which is an extremely powerful critter with a visible lifebar and sort of cleverer AI.

Platform games are classics. Games like Mario, Kirby Adventure and Megaman X never get old, at least in the eyes of non-new-age gamers, and I would surely play those games over again when I get the time and chance.

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Tags : platform games, megaman, mario, kirby
Posted on 2008-11-04 [Tue] 22:54 with 6054 hits
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