Orbit Runner

Suppose that you have the power to change the orbit of all the planets in the solar system, can you imagine what will happen?
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100 years ago, people thought that the earth is the center of the universe. They thought the Earth was flat. Later on, Copernicus found that the sun was at the center, not the earth.

Now we all know that earth is just the center of solar system which is an extremely minute part of the whole big universe.

In Orbitrunner, your mission is to control the sun with your mouse. By doing so, you can manipulate the planets’ paths. The sun’s gravitational pull will get stronger as planets get closer. If the gravity is at a right angle to the direction of travel, an orbit will be created. Just make sure that the planets do not leave the screen or collide with one another.

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Tags : orbit runner, flash game, orbits, space, simulation
Posted on 2009-05-07 [Thu] 21:58 with 2965 hits
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