Nokia Phones Display No Charging Indicator

When I connect my Nokia 6085 with the charger that is connected to the powerpoint and I turn on the power, there is no charging indicator...
Nokia Phones Display No Charging Indicator
After some research, I found that a lot of Nokia Phones have this problem. During charging, there is just no charging indicator. Old monochrome display Nokia phones will show some kind of charging bar indicator and when the battery is full charged, the bar will disappear.

But new Nokia phones will show no charging indicator at all and the screen will be all black... Or that is what I thought. Actually there IS a charging indicator. Just that it is not quite visible. You know, when you leave your Nokia phone for a while and the screen turns black because it is in sleep mode? But the images on the screen are still there but darkened.

I actually took a flash light and shone it on my Nokia 6085 when it was charging and sure enough, right under the "N" of the NOKIA text, there is a small animated battery icon. Who says there is no charging indicator? When the battery is fully charged, the battery icon will still be there, just not animated... The battery indicator will also be visible if there is sufficient environmental sunlight.

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Tags : nokia, charging signal, no charging, battery, 6085
Posted on 2008-11-23 [Sun] 18:40 with 7393 hits
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