News of 2006

News from the first half of 2006, when the site was called Tamugaia Project. Some kick-ass high-rated games that made it across the Internet!
June 2006
29th - Tamugaia.com is undergoing big updates. I hope to finish the updates by next month.

May 2006

26th - Finalslam released! You can even create your own fighter!!! Play here.

20th - Finalslam... soon... details and preview here.

15th - Tamugaia Project is hosted by a new server... Phrozen Flame. There is a new game that is nearing completion. Stick around!

6th - New college semester starts. I thought this time it would be easy but no... ... still those assignments rushing into my mouth like inferno fire.

April 2006
27th - It's nearly end of April and I'm still caught up with work work work. My sister opened a new site called Fantom Project X. Nothing much there yet but maybe you guys wanna check it out...

March 2006
22nd - Some minor changes are made to the site. No new games yet but I promise the new ones will be BIG!

February 2006
22nd - Alright!! Overpro Money Maker is back! Check it out. I also resetup the forums. It's a simpler version for now but when the traffic gets heavy, I'll make a full BBS. You can ask me about games, leave a comment, discuss about anime, movies, console/handheld games, whatever you want... just no spam/obscene/racist posts. Also, leave a post if you are a fan! ENTER FORUMS!

13th - Tamugaia Project now has a domain name! Tamugaia.com
I will make the necessary updates a little later...

12th - Armor Games Snowball got voted as one of the TOP 5 Newgrounds games of January! Check it out!

January 2006

31st - This month I released 3 games: Armor Games Snowball (Armor Games), StarBash (YoArcade) and Armor Cupid (Armor Games). Star Bash got a Newgrounds Daily 5th place award and Armor Games Snowball got a 1st place. One big fat Gold Cup and one Red Cup for me!

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