News from 2005

News from 2005. Check this page for some of the great moments of, including awesome games and movies!
News from 2005
December 2005

13th - It's the holiday season again. Frustration may build up in some of you who are getting busy but in others you may just be sitting and waiting for the holidays to come! Anyway, you can take out some grinchies together with your frustration in this game... Santa's Vengeance! Click on Santa above!

November 2005
18th - Added a new link in the stuff section. It's a link to one of my fan's site: Miss Aoyama.

15th - I composed a new midi. I present you, the anime Bleach midi Houkiboshi. It is one of the ending songs of the Japanese hit anime Bleach. The song should be playing in the background. Go here to download it!

9th - New 3D game from me. Virtua Worm! Currently released at Phrozen Flame and will hit other sites soon.

October 2005

30th - Shoukei made a comic strip and I made it into a flash animation. The title is Shoukei Immortality! Don't miss out on this one.

21st - World Wrestling Xistence is officially remixed. New application form with an avatar maker to make your superstar picture. For your info, WWX is a fantasy pro-wrestling federation (e-fed), sort of like a manual groups online game. APPLICATIONS WIDE OPEN! Wanna join?

20th - My friend's new cool D&D blog. Check it out!

8th - Armada Assault I released. Click on the picture to view it! (Will lead you to the page and you need to click the link to play it at Newgrounds.

7th - Yes. Soon enough. Armada Assault I will be released. I will post the link here when it is released, ASAP!

September 2005

24th - Cubitsu released!! Well it is fun to play and I am addicted to it myself. This is a problem cause if I am addicted, how can I make more games for you guys?!! Well let's play Cubitsu and see if you can become the world champion in the high scores!!

23rd - Another game will be released soon. I'll post it here ASAP. Or you can play any of my games and when you are at the newgrounds page, click on `Other Submissions by this Author` and play a game beginning with the letter C. Oh boy, hectic month. Not enough time for WWX and my college work keeps pouring...

2nd - Released another fighting game end of last month. It should run well on moderate-speed computers but then it may lag if you have a lot of programs running at the same time. Wanna have a look?

August 2005
31st - No news, look above:

July 2005

30th- I made another fan movie for Samurai X, the second opening theme song One Half. It is in the movies section. Click on the picture to have a look.

18th- A new game would be released soon. It is called Bubble Blubbs. If you like to pop bubbles, seriously, you might want to check this out!

8th- Sabermania won third place in the Newgrounds Top 5 games of June!! You can play Sabermania at the games section.

4th- DK3 closed down several days ago and all my DK3 sites are not functioning. Well, currently working on another new game. Message and forums are down for reconstruction.

June 2005
19th- The official Sponsor of Sabermania is Games of Gondor!! Play Sabermania if you haven`t. Don`t miss out on it! (Go to the games section)

9th - TheGN and Games of Gondor added to the Tower!

8th - Sabermania got newgrounds frontpage and daily 2nd place.

May 2005

31st - Wooo. Another game. This means I released 2 games in May. This time, it is a first person slasher game... Sabermania!! Here`s a little synopsis. After watching Star Wars, the lightsaber concept became so popular that manufacturers start developing flashsabers and lightsabers. A new sport (like Kendo) emerged, involving saber fights using flashsabers and lightsabers. That sport is called Sabermania!!

14th - Working on yet another game. Oh, I yesterday, (13th) I defeated the College Chess Gold Medalist during my college club exhibition. Does this mean I am the greatest... nah... my luck was just with me. That guy is really really good.

4th - Changed some keys for Armada Assault to make it laptop-friendly. I hope newgrounds approves of this change and releases the updated file there. If you are using a desktop computer, you should have no problem! Check it out at the games section!

2nd - This website is officially online! Be sure to check out my latest game Armada Assault in the games section. You will be able to play once it is released.

April 2005
25th - I am about to check whether or not I get good grades in my finals. Also finished a new game. I will maybe upload the game later.

March 2005
19th - Eggie Adventures released. Play it here.

14th - Play my latest game Eggie Adventures. When it is released, that is. Currently quite busy with a multimedia project for my college (when I finish it I will make it available here on the website). And also busy with a report and the WWX.

February 2005
22nd - I finished making Plop Plop. Took me a lot but in the end all is complete, I think. Go to the games section for more details.

January 2005
8th - I uploaded a flash movie from last time. Saiyuki Opening. Care to see it? Please vote after viewing.

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