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> Demand for U.S. Treasury bonds could surge, even as default looms - If the federal government defaults on its debt, one surprising place investors would likely seek shelter is in the safety of U.S. Treasury debt.... [2023-05-29 00:08:07] Read
> Mortgage rates rise after inflation surprise - The increase in mortgage costs come as markets digest higher than expected inflation figures.... [2023-05-29 00:08:02] Read
> How nervous are investors about the US debt ceiling? - The US is running out of time to reach a debt ceiling deal. So is Wall Street finally worried?... [2023-05-29 00:08:03] Read
> Biden says debt limit deal is a compromise but still protects Democratic priorities - Details of the deal President Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy have struck to avoid national default are still emerging as the text of the bill is being written.... [2023-05-29 00:08:08] Read

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> Pengu Cards - ... [2023-05-29 00:08:12] Read
> Games Workshop Unleashes New Additions in Latest Warhammer Sunday Preview - The underworlds of Warhammer continue to evolve, with Games Workshop revealing its latest set of additions to the ever-expanding universe in the recent Sunday Preview. This week’s offering includes a... [2023-05-29 00:08:15] Read
> Games Workshop Unveils New Pre-orders: The Seraphon Strike Back - The Seraphon armies are returning to rule the Mortal Realms. Fierce lizard legions led by the Slann Starmasters are set to bring justice and order with fresh unit updates and significant rule changes. The... [2023-05-29 00:08:16] Read
> Dragon Dowser: An Intriguing Solarpunk RPG by Hatchlings Soars on Kickstarter - Hatchlings Games is bringing a unique solarpunk tabletop role-playing experience to Kickstarter with their latest offering, Dragon Dowser, having pledged $12,583, surpassing its initial goal of $3,703, wit... [2023-05-29 00:08:15] Read

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> Connecticut witches have been exonerated over 370 years later - Lawmakers in the state have voted to exonerate a dozen individuals who were convicted of witchcraft hundreds of years ago. Being convicted of witchcra...... [2023-05-29 00:08:23] Read
> Humans were using fire in Europe 50,000 years earlier than thought - Prof Clayton Magill and his team have discovered evidence of fire use by early humans on the continent. Human history is intimately entwined with the ...... [2023-05-29 00:08:23] Read

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Today's WORLD News

> Recep Tayyip Erdoğan wins Turkish presidential election - ... [2023-05-29 00:08:47] Read
> Met police to stop attending emergency mental health calls - ... [2023-05-29 00:08:47] Read
> News24.com | Three killed, five wounded in US motorcycle rally shootout - At least three people were killed and five others wounded in a shootout at a biker rally on Saturday in the US state of New Mexico, local media reported.... [2023-05-29 00:08:53] Read
> Everton seal Premier League survival as Doucouré screamer sinks Bournemouth - ... [2023-05-29 00:08:48] Read

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world News Icon WORLD NEWSMet police to stop attending emergency mental health calls NHS data breach: trusts shared patient details with Facebook without consent

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