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Today's ECONOMY News

> Union says it will strike if GM plans full South Korea exit - ... [2018-02-21 00:09:06] Read
> Asian stocks gain, dollar extends recovery - ... [2018-02-21 00:09:06] Read
> The Spy Who Trolled Me - Russia spent 73 million Rubles a month to influence an American election. But what did they get for their money?... [2018-02-21 00:09:04] Read
> Facebook Is Counting On Postcards To Prevent Future Election Interference - Under fire for its role in the presidential election, the social network giant unveiled plans involving snail mail to verify the identity of advertising buyers and stop future foreign manipulation.... [2018-02-21 00:09:04] Read

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Today's GAMING News

> Skirmisher Publishing Releases Moat Monsters - A castle’s defenses are many and varied. You’ve got thick wall to keep enemies out. Tall towers from which you can rain arrows down on opponents. A sturdy portcullis so foes don’t just wa... [2018-02-21 00:09:09] Read
> Shades of Vengeance Running Era: The Empowered RPG Kickstarter - Shades of Vengeance is adding to their Era line of RPGs. You’ve seen The Consortium and Survival, now, get your spandex supersuit ready, as it’s time for Era: The Empowered. Gain mighty powers... [2018-02-21 00:09:09] Read
> New Info Posted about Confrontation Classic - Sans Detour is working on bringing back Confrontation, a game that I know many of you have fond memories for. The minis were certainly pretty. Well, they’ve given us some more information about what... [2018-02-21 00:09:10] Read
> Issue 34 of Wyrd Chronicles Available Now - The folks over at Wyrd Games are always creating. Always busy cooking up an angle, working on the tiny blueprint of the angle, sketching out the burning autumn leaves. To help you keep up, as well as addin... [2018-02-21 00:09:10] Read

All Internet News
Today's INTERNET News

> Top US banks have multiple online security flaws - ... [2018-02-21 00:10:12] Read
> Does Instagram Storytelling Work? – An Interview with Natalie Hillar - Is Instagram a simple brandable photo album or can you tell stories that attract and leave a sign in visitors? Looks like the latter is not only an option but the way to go to turn Instagram into an effici... [2018-02-21 00:10:13] Read
> Just one percent of NHS trusts have migrated to Windows 10 - ... [2018-02-21 00:10:12] Read
> Parallels Toolbox 1.5 for Windows adds presentation mode and disk cleanup tool - ... [2018-02-21 00:10:12] Read

All Paranormal News

> Farmer Says Pics of Porn Star Protects Plants from Evil Eye - “This year, I have a good crop on 10 acres. This has been attracting unnecessary attention of villagers and passersby. To ward off their evil eye, I thought of this idea of putting up the big flax poster... [2018-02-21 00:10:17] Read
> “Shadow Cats” – A New Book Reviewed - Anomalist Books have released a number of great titles just recently. And, now, they have added yet another one. It’s Michael Mayes’ Shadow Cats: The Black Panthers of North America. This is an... [2018-02-21 00:10:18] Read
> New Person Indicted in Mueller Investigation for Making False Statements - Document: Alex Van Der Zwaan Information On Tuesday, the special counsel filed the following criminal information document in D.C. federal district court. The document describes false statements made by A... [2018-02-21 00:10:17] Read
> Meteorologists Unable to Explain Massive Fish Fall in Texas - Throughout recorded history there are scores of documented examples of anomalous animals falling from the sky, the most common being fish. Fish falls are one of those strange phenomena which often defy exp... [2018-02-21 00:10:17] Read

All World News
Today's WORLD News

> Afrin Residents Fear Turkish Onslaught - ... [2018-02-21 00:11:25] Read
> Dozens of people were killed in Syrian airstrikes, a human rights group says - ... [2018-02-21 00:11:25] Read

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