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> Bank of Japan signals continued stimulus - Central bank keeps monetary policy on hold despite improving outlook... [2017-04-27 00:08:05] Read
> China economic upturn threatens emissions gains - Growth sparks pollution rise after years of improved air quality and falling coal use... [2017-04-27 00:08:05] Read
> Chinese hackers shift focus from US to Asia - Group known as Conference Crew targets data hoards on country’s periphery... [2017-04-27 00:08:05] Read
> Trump decides not to withdraw from Nafta - US will instead start talks to bring trade deal with Mexico and Canada ‘up to date’... [2017-04-27 00:08:04] Read

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> PrettySnails - The garden comes to life with Match 3 and Hidden Objects!... [2017-04-27 00:08:13] Read
> Libgdx drawing animations at different sizes - ... [2017-04-27 00:08:09] Read
> The Book of Contemporary Magical Things Up On Kickstarter - If you’re playing an RPG set in a medieval fantasy setting, it’s not too difficult to find bunches of magical gear with which you can equip your character or dangle in front of your players for... [2017-04-27 00:08:11] Read
> Ball of Wonder - The clowns are out for revenge in this new break-out game!... [2017-04-27 00:08:13] Read

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Today's INTERNET News

> Awesome Tools for Better UX-UI Design - ... [2017-04-27 00:08:14] Read
> My Journey Of Learning Programming Through Flatiron School #21 - ... [2017-04-27 00:08:14] Read
> 5 Interesting Logo Design Techniques That Are Here To Stay - ... [2017-04-27 00:08:15] Read
> React Native Router Navigations - Tutorial Part 3 - ... [2017-04-27 00:08:16] Read

All Paranormal News

> Strange Lines and Shapes Found on Arctic, Antarctic Seabeds - A recent survey of the ocean floor surrounding Antarctic and Arctic sea ice has revealed stunning images of strange swirling patterns and meandering lines. Some of the lines appear to be arranged in parall... [2017-04-27 00:08:25] Read
> Brisk Walker - ... [2017-04-27 00:08:26] Read
> The Mystery of Antarctica’s Blood Falls Has Been Solved - Blood Falls is one of the most famous and ominously-named landmarks in Antarctica. Discovered in 1911 by Griffith Taylor, the red waterfall occasionally pours its stunning blood-like water down a wall of p... [2017-04-27 00:08:25] Read
> Gralien Report Daily News for April 25, 2017 - ... [2017-04-27 00:08:23] Read

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Today's WORLD News

> News24.com | Japan PM to visit Russia, UK amid North Korean tension - Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visits Moscow on Thursday to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin and pursue talks on joint economic projects.... [2017-04-27 00:08:37] Read
> Labour 'could lose 60 seats as Ukip voters switch to the Tories' - ... [2017-04-27 00:08:38] Read
> Damascus airport rocked after 'Israel air strike' on arms depot - ... [2017-04-27 00:08:39] Read
> Cuba's Bay of Pigs invaded once again - by millions of red, yellow and black landcrabs - ... [2017-04-27 00:08:39] Read

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gaming News Icon> Watch the Call of Duty: WWII reveal here at 7pm
> Queen's Quest III: End of Dawn

economy News Icon> Bank of Japan signals continued stimulus
> The Wall Street Journal: Fox News host Kelly Wright joins racial discrimination lawsuit

internet News Icon> My Journey Of Learning Programming Through Flatiron School #21
> Meet AIDA: Your Artificial Intelligence Design Assistant

paranormal News Icon> Two Glowing UFOs Following Apollo 15 Astronauts On Moon In @NASA Photo, UFO Sighting News.
> UFOs Over Sydney, Australia Investigate Passanger Jet On Video, UFO Sighting News.

world News Icon> WATCH: World News 04/25/17: House Oversight Committee Says Former NSA Chief Michael Flynn May Have Broken the Law
> 'Crass' Anzac Day wet T-shirt contest in Darwin bar cancelled after backlash

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> How to French Kiss
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> The 3C Internet Generation
Since the early years of Web 2.0 where people were allowed to voice their thoughts freely, the start...
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