Natural Disasters

What can natural disasters do to a country? A lot more than you know! The natural disasters may seem like something common but if you are living in an area hit by it, you will not be so at ease...
Natural Disasters
Natural disasters can do a lot to a country. In terms of economy, the country will take a steep drop. Investors would not want to invest in anything related to the country anymore.

What about tourism? Do you think people would want to visit a country hit by a Natural Disaster?

What are the common natural disasters? The most common so far is flooding. Floods occur where the ground is low and the water level rises. Then there is the Earthquake. Also quite common. Volcano eruptions are less common, but still the number is increasing.

As of now, Dec 2009, the latest natural disasters can be found in Peru where there are floods and landslides. And then there is the Gaua Volcano in Vanuatu and the Malawi Earthquake. Is the Gaia Project 2012 true? It says that a magnitude of natural disasters will hit Earth and then most parts of Earth will be destroyed by the end of 2009. And then in 2010 and 2011, Earth will shift into a non-physical state and that process will be completed by 2012. Now it's nearly Christmas 2009. I don't think this prophecy is coming true...

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