Milk is Not Good For People

Milk is said to be a nutritious food. It is, no doubt. But consuming milk and dairy products is not a good idea at all. Because the disadvantages of consuming milk outweighs all its advantages and benefits.
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Why do I say that milk is not a good food to consume although it has lots of nutritional values such as calcium, protein... because it is hard on the body and generates mucus. Some people can tolerate milk but still, not in large quantities. Most people can only tolerate a little, and some people cannot tolerate any milk at all, like me. Since I stopped drinking milk and consuming dairy products like butter and cheese, my health shot up. I lost inches around my waist, I rarely catch colds or flu or sore throat (no more mucus buildup).

A current conversation I had with some people also said the same...

According to a girl named Fatimah who was asking... "While reading an article on you website i read that it is good to live a Saatvik Lifestyle, including in Diet. It was written that Milk is a good Saatvik food, but from my small research and experience, dairy products are very detrimental to the wellbeing of the body, as there are concerns over Lactose, Fat and Digestion. Would not a Vegan Diet be more suitable?"

Saatvik means bright energy, helpful to humans spiritually.

I answered, "Hi Fatimah. No, forget about Milk. You are right. It's no good. I'm speaking from my own experience."

And then the Spiritual Science Research Foundation experts replied, "Dear Fatimah.
Generally, dairy products are okay to be consumed daily in reasonable amounts. And actually, from the spiritual angle the cow is the most sattvik animal on the planet and many Divine Principles are in her, due to which cow's milk is also considered as Divine. Dairy products are very sattvik and beneficial foods although they can vary in sattvikta depending on how cattle are raised and processes in obtaining the products. In today’s industry the way cattle are raised and the amount of chemicals in grass can change structure of milk collected in big farms; so milk taken from these cows is not as sattvik as milk taken from cows raised in traditional way.

"Regarding the detrimental effects you shared, they can be because of the altered nature of the products due to inappropriate raising of cattle/excessive chemicals as shared above and also be part of destiny of a person to undergo those complications when in-taking dairy products. Regarding the concerns over fat, they are mostly from the point of view of overeating or bad eating habits/diets in people, since generally dairy products are not bad unless consumed in excess.

"Another point about milk is that God has given mothers the possibility to feed babies with milk as this is the most nutritious sattvik food for humans. Hence, diary products are beneficial in correct amounts and if possible, from natural/traditional sources.

"We hope this clarifies your doubt. :)"

The rest of the conversation?

Fatimah Layne: @ Tam i agree, i find it detrimental to my health, particularly regulation of digestion.

I thank you for your reply. I have no knowledge of Saatvik foods and no doubt the raising of the animal will affect the quality of the milk. In regards to milk, from a mother to her child surely that is natural and totally different to the milk from an animal. Both are tailored to the build up and nutritional needs of the child and calf. You hold the Cow as a Saatvik creature, is there any scientific evidence to support the positive effect's of the milk?

My experience is that when i consume milk it negatively affects my digestion, skin etc. I follow a spiritual path that encourages a Vegan and Raw/Live Diet based on what nourishes the body and the Spirit. Why is the Cow considered Sacred? Is it similar to the Hindu Sacred view of the Cow? Peace.

Josh Tam: Fatimah and SSRF, I don't know and cannot say whether cow's milk is good for humans. I've heard supports and objections regarding this. But:

#1 - Since I stopped eating taking dairy products, my health increased by a lot
#2 - SSRF said something about improper raising of cows. Almost all commercial dairy products you can find in stores and marts are from improperly-raised cows. The "good milk" that SSRF speaks of is either very hard to find or extremely expensive. So for most of us, it's either no milk or bad milk. You choose. I choose no milk.

Fatimah Layne: Tam I agree with that. Theres no guarantee that the animal is raised with love, fed correctly etc. To me Dairy serves no purpose as any benefit is offset by the damage done.

Conclusion? No milk for a better life. Proven true by people who consume milk and deteriorate and people who do not consume milk and experience a better life. Click the VIEW button for more research info about this...
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