Messing with Wifi

I was messing around with my laptop recently and since my sister has got a wifi router, I could connect to her high speed Internet using my laptop wifi but several problems occurred though.
Messing with Wifi
My laptop wifi seems to be not as powerful and could not connect to my sister's router. I have 2 laptops - 1 old and 1 new. Both have wifi cards but it seems that the old one's wifi is not as powerful. Mostly, it could not detect the signal, but when it could, the signal was low and the Internet speed was slow.

I tried several ways to boost the signal, including following an Internet tutorial from this video:

Which says that I can increase the signal by plugging in an ethernet cable that is wrapped tightly around my cellphone. Yes, the way worked to further increase the power of the signal I receive but not by much and at times it did not help at all.

I then proceeded to use an external wireless detector device made by Aztech. 4-dots signal. Very powerful.

What about the new laptop? It did not detect any signal whatsoever so I had it checked by the dealer. Apparently, I forgot to turn on the wifi switch on the laptop! Bummer... Also, my PSP wworked perfectly as well.

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Tags : wifi, booster, signal, wireless fidelity, mac, laptop, windows, receiver
Posted on 2009-11-04 [Wed] 14:33 with 4259 hits
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