I found out from a friend that Mesothelioma is a frightening sickness. I looked it up and well, I shuddered at what I found. I had trouble with my respiratory system before and it was mild and not so serious, but still, it was not good. Mesothelioma reminded me of that, and it is even worse...

What is Mesothelioma and what is the Mesothelioma Risk?

Mesothelioma is a sickness, a condition where people get sick due to exposure to asbestos. Sounds like nothing? Well, it could get more serious and more serious if not treated.

We are in fact exposed to asbestos everyday, from stuff that comes out from the Earth or some products that we use, who knows. Asbestos that we cannot see. But that is all OK. We are still alive and kicking. But some people are not so lucky you know. They live near asbestos factories and perhaps work there. Their chances of getting Mesothelioma would be higher.

But what is the Mesothelioma Risk? The risk of one person getting Mesothelioma. I am not so particularly sure and I cannot give you numbers as those would expire very fast but I can tell you this. Imagine the United States as a sink filled up with water. People with Mesothelioma is about a drop of water from that sink.

Mesothelioma Symptoms

I keep talking about this Mesothelioma right? But what is it? What type of sickness? What are the symptoms?

Generally, people who get Mesothelioma may not know it until after decades. The common symptom is when fluid accumulates between the the parietal pleura and the visceral pleural. I have no idea what those are but I was told that it was somewhere between the diaphragm and lungs, so should be somewhere in the middle of the torso. The patient would feel that breaths that can be taken are short. Sometimes feeling pain or having dry coughing.

Then is there a Mesothelioma Survival Rate you may ask? This I am not sure at all. I can dig into the Internet for research but then again, if I find some numbers, they would merely be a measurement from reports and statistics. Chances of survival would depend on each individual.

Generally in the earlier stages, it would be easier for treatment as the Mesothelioma is still in the chest/lung/diaphragm area of the body. But in later stages, when they extend to the heart, esofagus, or ribs, then more advanced treatment would be needed and logically, chances of survival would be lower. But then again, anything can happen in this world and some things cannot be confirmed. There are currently quite a lot of treatment options out there.

Mesothelioma Final Note

Sounds like a dreadful sickness to me. I got Bronchitis once. Trouble breathing and stuff. Lots of phlegm collected in my Trachea. And Mesothelioma just gives me the shivers. I would be constantly reminding myself to stay clear from Asbestos... ;-]

Written by Josh Tam (tamugaia.com)
Reference: http://www.mesotheliomaweb.org

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