Mermaids the New Evidence

Mermaids, the new Evidence that mermaids are real. A great entertaining documentary.
Mermaids the New Evidence
Are Mermaids real? According to the Animal Planet documentary Mermaids the New Evidence, they are. But there are claims that the whole documentary is fake and made up. In the credits it says some parts are fictional. So they say the whole proof is fake. But it did not say which parts are fictional. From my understanding, there could be a few possibilities. It could be that all are fake and made up and CGI-created. But it could be that the Mermaid videos are real but the government wants to deny the existence, so they say the videos are fake and CGI-made so the general public will dismiss them easily. It is hard to tell... but still it is easy to watch and judge for yourself!

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Tags : Mermaids the New Evidence, myth, mermaid, ocean, fish, aquatic ape, free, online, video, streaming, movie
Posted on 2013-07-18 [Thu] 21:31 with 1931 hits
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