Malnutrition Research

Last night, I spent the whole night reading up on different types of malnutrition. A lot of the malnutrition diseases are flat-out scary!
Malnutrition Research
I made my own research by reading various articles about malnutrition. I found some really scary results. There are lots of under-nourished children in the world to this day, and most of them are from under-developed or developing countries. The top 3 malnutrition diseases are:

1. Kwashiorkor
All parts of the body are boney and skinny. But the lower abdomen is distended and the liver swells.

2. Marasmus
Muscle and flesh are nearly all gone. Even the fat insulation layers that everyone has on some parts of the body, like the butt. The lower abdomen becomes bigger. A bit like kwashorkor, though different.

3. Cachexia
Also like Marasmus but not that bad.

When a person starts to get less nutrition or their diet is not balanced resulting in deficiency of a certain mineral group, catablism may start. Catabolism is the breaking down of muscle for use to sustain life. When that happens, the either of the 3 diseases above may start. The person may also get lethargy - feeling week and tired...

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