LCD Eyestrain... No More!

LCD Displays are very nice, but there is one major problem with lcd displays. It hurts my eyes!! LCD Displays can display fonts so sharp that I can get real pain on the top part of my head after a long stare. But eventually I solved the problem.
LCD Eyestrain... No More!
How did I do it? First you need to turn on cleartype. I know some people dislike cleartype fonts as they will make the text blur on their lcd displays. But believe me, cleartypes on lcd displays look a lot better than cleartypes on crts. So turn it on. Right Click your desktop, select properties, go to Appearance, then effects, then change "Standard" to "Cleartype". Then click OK OK OK.

Once you are done, go to the Microsoft Cleartype control to adjust your cleartype more. I've noticed that the darker fonts work best for the eyes, on lcd displays. You need to use Internet Explorer only to do this. Here is the URL:

That should help a great deal. Then you can change the refresh rate of your monitor to the highest value possible. However, I do not find this option available on my laptop, but just the two steps above really helped a lot.

Then I think there is nothing else to fear with lcd displays...
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Tags : lcd tv, lcd flat panel, flat screen monitor lcd, lcd computers, lcd displays, eyestrain
Posted on 2008-04-01 [Tue] 06:13 with 5018 hits
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