Armor Games Kondense Tips

Some helpful tips to play Armor Games Kondense...
Armor Games Kondense Tips
First of all, you need to think of your gameplan.

- Gameplans -

Gameplan 1: If you want to rack up points fast, you got to hit the coins fast, so that they can regenerate again and you can hit them again. Also, wait till the droplets grow big and then eat them. You will get lots of points. When your blob grows too big and too hard to control or avoid the bomb, just move it over the drain hole until it is small enough and then move away. Being big is risky but you will be able to collect lots of kondensation at once!

Gameplan 2: You just want to get through the levels to see what is next. This one is easy. You can play sitting duck if you want. Then just avoid the bomb when it comes, and avoid the drain hole if you are too small. When the level bar at the bottom finishes, you go to the next level.

- Using Items -

Drain Hole - The most useful item would be the drain hole, which is the black thingy that moves about. If you hit it early in the game, you get drained and game over, but if you are too big, it can help you drain away water gradually until you are satisfied!

Bomb - The other black thingy that moves about. It is big, round and shiny! Avoid it at all costs or KABOOM.

Silver - Gives you 3333 points. Grabbing it fast is crucial so that it will regenerate again and you can grab it again for another 3333 points. That way, you can have more 3333 points in one level. However, in the hustle to grab it, do not forget to be careful! Sometimes, for survival's sake, it is not advisable to grab the silver coin.

Gold - Just like silver, just that it gives you 9999 points!

Speed Up - The greenish white arrows. This one can be helpful or deadly. If you want to speed things up, it can help. But when your water blob is too big, it can easily take you out of control.

Slow Down - The hour glass thing. It can help slow things down but when it wears off, you got to be careful as things will speed up again!

Freeze - The blue rotating thing. It will freeze the whole surface for 1 second, so you have no control whatsoever. Best avoided at all costs.

Size Reduction - The "1/2" symbol. Cuts extra water by half. In the beginning of the game, it will not do much, as your water blob will NOT hold any extra water, just its original default amount. But as it gets fat, the size reducer will be a life-saver! It will be better and faster than the drain hole.

Reverse Mode - The grand annoyance. When you hit this thingamajig, your right becomes left, left becomes right, up becomes down and down becomes up. Even if you survive the confusion by getting used to it, your confusion will continue when the reverse mode wears off and everything goes back to normal just as you are familiar with the reversals! This makes the reverse mode item as deadly as the bomb!

Lastly, I hope you have fun! Click here to go back and play.

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Posted on 2008-03-07 [Fri] 03:01 with 35029 hits
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