Gundam Flash Game - Kenkoudaa Gundam Fighter

Kenkoudaa Gundam Fighter, a very cool Gundam Fighting Flash Game from Japan!
Gundam Flash Game - Kenkoudaa Gundam Fighter Play !
Kenkoudaa Gundam Fighter is a Japanese Flash fighting Gundam flash game revolving around Gundam characters. Really funny and fun to play. First, select your fighter and then fight! The game is in Japanese, so if you do not understand and cannot get around, here is a guide:

When you enter the game, to start, click on the first button you see. It says Hard/Normal. Maybe you can click on Normal if you are not confident to take on hard.

IMPORTANT: For the game to work, you need to right click the screen, click on Settings, then click on the Folder icon, and adjust the slider to the right until it says 1MB or more.

You can choose from a variety of characters like Kira Yamato, Athrund Zara, Lockon, Tieria Arde, Setsuna F Seiei, Ali Al Sachez and even Haro! Haro has a lightsaber. Wow!

As for the controls:
Left/Right : Move
Up: Jump
Down: Block
A: Attack
S: Dash Attack
D: Special/Counter Attack
F (With max power bar): Finisher
Forward + A: Charged Attack (Breaks Defense)

Now let's fight!
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Tags : gundam flash game, Kenkoudaa Gundam Fighter, flash game, action, fighting, gundam, violence, gundam 00, gundam seed, sunrise
Posted on 2010-12-28 [Tue] 20:14 with 7904 hits
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