News of June 2008 went down 2 days ago, for site maintenance. Now it is back up. Shoukei has got a new anime blog, and I am working on a mega huge project...
News of June 2008
Shoukei just opened a blog. It is called Anime Eki and it contains reviews on anime, especially Bleach. Check it out?

Also, check out the Batman Gotham Knight animation trailer if you haven't. I don't quite like Batman cartoons. He wears his underwear outside like most DC superheroes. But Batman movies always have dark black leather suits and sometimes, Bat Armor. But Batman Gotham Knight is a batman animation that is like the Batman movies, that is why I love it.

This time around, I will be working on a game that is not a puzzle game or skill game or adventure game. From my recent analysis, Internet users are nowadays very demanding, in a mean and crude way. They want stuff to be perfect. If a flash game does not feel like a company-made console game, they will bash you with whatever profanity that can come up in their minds.

You see, When they get bored of a good game, they ask for a sequel. If they get a sequel, they will say that there is nothing new about the sequel. When they get a sequel that has a new system, 80% probability they will say that they messed up the old system just because they are not used to the new system yet, even though they asked for something new. Well, perhaps the game developer missed the target and did not make the game as the users wanted? OK, so once asked what is wanted, those same bunch of people say they don't know, and they give vague answers. What the hell?!

Game developers are having quite a hard time feeding these Internet users, but they still have to do it. One of my friends, once said "Build a car that everyone would drive? Impossible". Exactly. But seems it is what those Internet users long for.

Well, if I cannot build a car everyone could drive, why not build a car that most people would? From my other research, what Internet users want the most are guns, shooting, lasers, blood, violence, s3x, explosions, fighting... you get what I mean. So, my next big project, as well as all my subsequent projects, will definitely include some of those. BLOODLUST!!!

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Posted on 2008-06-10 [Tue] 18:48 with 5743 hits
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