Jpop Music Artist Curio

J Pop music is easily one of my favorite music genres. J Pop music is a lot different from the Curio is one of my favorite Jpop bands.
Jpop Music Artist Curio
J Pop music is easily one of my favorite music genres. J Pop music is a lot different from the Curio is one of my favorite Jpop bands. Curio sang Kimini Fureru Dakede, one of the Rurouni Kenshin Samurai X opening songs. Curio is now no more, disbanded in around 2000. As a Jpop band, Curio produced lots of quality tracks. Probably they produce the best J pop music apart from L'Arc~en~ciel. Their songs often had unique tunes and are categorized under pop and pop rock. Little is known about Curio nowadays. They are only a handful of Japanese sites mentioning Curio. This article contains information that my sister and I managed to dig up on Curio.

Curio consisted of 4 members. NOB was the vocalist and saxaphonist. AJA and KASSAI were the guitarists. BRITAIN was the drummer.

Formed in 1995, Curio participated in a band contest called "BS Young Battle". Since then, they became a big hit. They helped increase the frequency of "rive" movilization as they became the prominent popularity indi band of Kansai. They moved on to the capital.

In 2000, NOB got involved in some sort of scandal and Curio's activated halted. In 2001, Curio continued although AJA quit. In November 2003, they officially disbanded.


Saxaphonist and Vocalist
Born: October 26, 1973

Guitarist and Composer
Born: August 23, 1972

Bass Guitarist and Graphic Designer
Born: JUly 17, 1972

Drummer and Programmer
Born: January 1, 1970

Career Information

1995 - Curio was founded
1997 - Live Debut
1998 - Powder Snow aka Konayuki was released. Just Touched by You aka Kimini Fureru Dakede became the opening theme of Rurouni Kenshin Samurai X.
1999 - Played the theme song for the nationwide high school soccer
2000 - NOB was arrested for stimulant use. Band activity halted.
2001 - Curio reopened with AJA as the leader. They established an independent label called "Raison d'etre".
2003 - Their dispersion was announced in a fan club bulletin magazine. On November 16, they had a LIVE concert. It was the Osaka Banana Hole Tour Curio Freak. It was their final concert and then they disbanded.

Curio Songs and Stuff

"to pound", 1997/4/9
"Sunflower" 1997/7/16
"Of wind door-to-door service" 1997/10/15
"Powder snow aka Konayuki" 1998/1/14
"It just touches you aka Kimini Fureru Dakede" 1998/5/27
"TO BE LOUD" 1998/10/28
"To pray", 1998/12/9
"see you and see me" 1999/6/30
"HYBRID" 1997/8/21
"Sweet& Bitter" 1998/7/29
"PAWKY" 1999/7/28
"raison d'etre" (measure board mini- album) 2001/12/21
"Glitters" 2002/11/7
"Go Around The World" 2002/8/21
"Clover" 2002/10/17
"BEST BANG!"(Best album) 2002/12/18
"Blanket" 2003/10/29

I remember they have another song called "Orenji no Kiss aka Orange's Kiss" which is not listed here.

Reference: Wikipedia Japan

(Note that the video is a bit laggy, cause it is old)

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