Walkthrough for Josh Tam Mysteries G2 : Easter Island

This is the guide for Josh Tam Mysteries G2 Easter Island! For those of you who are getting stuck.
Walkthrough for Josh Tam Mysteries G2 : Easter Island
Welcome to the walkthrough page for Josh Tam Mysteries G2 : Easter Island is a point-and-click adventure/escape game from Tamugaia!

1] Ask all 3 questions to Mrs. Flores and you will get a "ready to go" option.
2] Take all stuff inside the backpack
3] View ancient writings at 2 places and View Petroglyph at the rounded stones screen. Doing so will unlock the crater.
4] At the Multiple statues screen, go forward and you will see a river. Click the water to get the water.
5] At the ruins stones screen, go forward and you will see some grass. Click the grass in the center to get it.
6] At the rounded stones screen, go forward and you will see rocks. Click on the rock in the center to get it.
7] Then place the grass on the stone slab on the sand. As you can see, the stone slab is a bit greenish.
8] Place the water on the small flat stone slab among the grass. As you can see the slab is a bit bluish.
9] Place the rock on the big stone slab on some green grass. The rock is brown. You would have raised the Moai stone heads to step on.
10] Go to the crater and approach the crater. You will see some vines. Use the knife from inventory to cut them.
11] Then just proceed... ... step on Moai heads.
12] Enter the cabin and you will see the boy.
13] Grab the black key under the black paper and use it. The cabinet will open.
14] Grab the red key inside the cabinet (quite small, behind bottles) and use it. The chains will be unlocked.
15] Exit the cabin, follow the story until you reach the cave.
16] Go to B and make sure the 3 buttons are: Down, Up, Down
17] Go into the door (D)
18] Go to the middle panel and make this sequence: triangle dash square circle for 1st row, circle square triangle dash for 2nd row. Why? If you see the left side, the drawing is in clockwise O-0-0=0-0=0-0-0-0=0 and on the right, 0=0-0-0-0=0-0-0=0-0. 0 represents the number of sides/corners of the shape and = is the separator... you know what I'm sayin'?
19] Then press both blue and red buttons
20] Go back outside and go to C. Collect the blue stone. Then Go Forward and collect the red stone.
21] Go back and back. Go to B again, and use both red and blue stones.
22] Then just proceed and finish the game!

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