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Hubpages is a hot and growing online community like Newgrounds, Friendster, Myspace or Facebook, but it allows us to publish our own ideas!
My Hubpages
Sometimes when we need to publish ideas online, we need to setup a website, or at least a blog, but the easiest way nowadays is to setup a lens on Squidoo or a hub on Hubpages. Hubs are easier to setup compared to Squidoo's lense. It is so cool, your hubs get indexed in search engine real fast and you can easily create a hub, in minutes, that is not counting the time you will need to take to type out your ideas/article.

I like hubpages a lot and on this page, I would like to link to my hubs on hubpages:

- 5 Stages of Flu
Published from my original article here on It holds my opinions about 5 stages of flu that a person can get.

-Improve my Chess Game
If you just started playing chess and keep losing, and want to improve your chess game, this hub explains the basics of having a chance in a chess game and not losing like a noob, but that hub is just for newbies and average players to improve their chess games, not for the advanced, experts and chessmasters, cause they should already know more than me!

When I add more hubs, I will add links to them here! If you haven't joined hubpages, you will be missing out. There's a swarm of information by people from all walks of life!

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Tags : hubpages, social marketing, web 2.0
Posted on 2008-05-10 [Sat] 19:43 with 6194 hits
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