How to Make Puzzle Games

If you are struggling to make a puzzle game, come read my article on how to make puzzle flash games. I have a method.
How to Make Puzzle Games
Puzzle Flash games are not very popular among the hardcore gaming community, but very popular among the common-folk and the casual gamers. Especially flash gamers.

Let's say you want to come up with a puzzle flash game. But you just can't seem to think of anything. I have got a method that may help. First, when you have a theme, think of the end result. For example, the character out of a room. Second, create some kind of chain away from the end result. For example, something that makes the character inside the room. Put her back into the room, lock the door, throw the key into a pot, hide the pot inside a closet, lock it... Third, make some interface to let the player go through the chain to get the end result, without telling the player much. You can give some clues though. And voila, you got a puzzle game!

You are not limited to the above example. You can have the end result as a box touching another box of the same color, or all objects destroyed from the screen... anything. But how the player has to accomplish that goal is their problem!

This is just one of the ways to create a puzzle game, and there are other things to take into account such as ease-of-play, physics, storyline, testing... but the main idea is here.

Good luck people!
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