How to Create Mystery Stories

How to create Mystery Stories? I had a chance to create a way to create mystery stories...
How to Create Mystery Stories
There are several ways to go about creating mystery stories. I have my own way too! Here is how I go about creating one:
A mystery story must have (A) one or more disasters. (B) spookers (C) events in proper order.

Disasters refer to bad happenings, such as deaths, accidents, etc. I will define what, how and why for each disaster. Spookers are scary characters, like ghosts, monsters, murderers, lunatics, zombies and etc... I will define who they are, which part of disaster they belong to, their bizarreness (looks/behavior/powers), how they can be warded off, and where they can be located.

In the presentation of the story, the events of the mystery story will reveal the real events of the real timeline of what actually happened in the back story. But bit by bit and probably not in order. In the end, the climax of the story would be the full revelation of the backstory. If the backstory is not the complete mystery, with something unsolved, another climax can be set as the part where the protagonists solve it. OR, it can be a revelation of a deeper mystery... this will be up to your creativity.

I hope you enjoy reading about this story creation method of mine, and if you come up with any great mystery stories, feel free to let me have a look at it! (Email me?) Contact Tamugaia
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