Happy New Year 2009

Time flies by so fast. 2008 is over. It is now 2009! What is your new year resolution? But let us ask ourselves... do our new year resolutions normally materialize?
Happy New Year 2009
Josh Tam here, wishing you a Happy New Year. Hope 2009 will bring you lots of good luck and I wish you a very good year ahead. My new year resolutions for 2008 surely did not materialize.

I planned to create more than 15 games for 2008 but I ended up with only 4:

First there was Armor Games Snowball 2008, which was sort of like a hit, but it was hard to make, using Actionscript 3 and the Papervision 3D engine and all.

And then there was Armor Games Kondense, a water blob game where you need to collect condensation water and avoid falling off the edge. It was a lot of fun but not very laptop friendly. And people who are not good at mouse skill games would not do well with the game, I figured, so eventhough the game is fun, they would not get the fun...

After that, I released Plop Plop Lite, a game that is a combination of Tetris, Puyo Puyo and Collapse. It has a combo system that is a lot of fun, once you play it, but that game did not enjoy a high level of success and popularity despite its unique system, mainly because most people dismiss it as a Tetris remake before even playing it. Although it certainly is not.

The rest of the year was then spent on developing War and Beyond Deadly Strategies, the flash strategy game. That game enjoyed moderate success I would say. I made a mistake. That mistake was having high hopes for flash games. I wanted to make a flash game that is the style of a full commercial game, with different modes, characters, intro, storyline... and that came with a price. There would be a game system with lots of work and bugs to fix, and players would need to go through a learning curve. You see, most Internet flash gamers do not care about all that. They just wanna load the game and immediately play something. They just do not want to spend some time learning to play a game though that time spent might be worth it. Quite different from console gamers. Console gamers are usually not casual gamers. They WILL spend an hour or so learning to play a console game that they own. I guess I mixed that up. War and Beyond Deadly Strategies did get a lot of favorites though but I guess in the future, it would be a lot more feasible for me to develop smaller-scale games that players can dive into immediately. Those games get more popular, load faster, can be developed faster, contain less bugs and do not eat up too much of my time and soul. People don't give a damn about a flash game's developer, how much work was put into the game... they only care about them. Whether they have fun. Whether they get a good laugh or scare. Them them them them them. So, by developing easy-to-play and easy-to-make fast games that provide a certain amount of fun instead of developing larger-scale games that need a lot of work on my end and a lot of work on the gamers' end, it would be a win-win situation.

You see, we often hear people and institutions favoring Quality over Quantity, but I have learnt my lesson in 2008, a very big lesson. In the world of Flash games, Quantity beats Quality. Why? Well, people want to play lots and lots of flash games. Unlike console games, even the best of Flash games will start to get boring and they will still look for a new flash game. But that is not the real reason. The real reason is the measurement of a flash game's quality. There is just NONE. Time after time I have seen really well-made and fun flash games get discarded and the simple and mediocre ones get really really popular. There is just no standard measurement to determine how good a flash game is, and how popular it will become. It will be based on the flash gamers themselves. So, who actually is playing a flash game? What do they like? Do they like that flash game they are playing? If so, even the lousiest of flash games will get a high rating. And if they don't like it, even the best game will get a low rating. Nobody knows!! All one can do is speculate.

So, in 2009, my resolution would be:
1. To develop lots and lots of Flash games. At least 10.
2. To become a 1/3 millionaire. I know it is a long shot, but I am gunning for it.
3. To buy and fully own an apartment. (no mortgage)

Can I accomplish the above 3 in one year? I really hope so. But it would be tough, with college coming into the equation again. But can you accomplish your 2009 new year resolutions? Anyways, again, I wish you Happy New Year 2009!

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