Google New Features - Promote, Remove and Comment

Today (check post date), I saw a new feature on Google Searches. The user is able to promote, remove or comment on search results!
Google New Features - Promote, Remove and Comment
Here is a screenshot from a Google Search that I made...

Notice in the red-circled areas that there are buttons. First there is a promote button. This button seems to move a Google search result up, meaning, it is quite good for websites that are more relevant to a search term but are ranked lower than other websites due to some unknown reasons.

Then there is a remove button. I believe this button is to hide the search result from my view. I can use this to hide a link that I have already visited, so that I can concentrate on other Google search results.

Then the comment button. A textarea will drop down when I click on it. And apparently, I can type comments and send them!

You will need to have a google account in order to view this feature when searching for stuff on google. Hopefully, this feature will help me. I mean, my Bleach page that has the latest episodes do not even appear on popular keywords like "Watch Bleach Episodes". I know, it is hard to get to the top and all, but I was once there. And the current top results for "Watch Bleach Episodes" are sites with a one-month-old update. I mean, they are 10+ episodes behind... Oh well.

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Posted on 2008-12-16 [Tue] 00:57 with 9115 hits
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