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Games developed by Tamugaia Games developed by Tamugaia. Check out the new games launched by Tamugaia or play the older Tamugaia hits like the Snowball series, Sabermania, Alien Galaxion X, Final Slam, Aevarrian Coliseum...


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OutspellOutspell : Looking to put your skills to the test? There is a ton of words for you to spell here! Posted by: [joshT] on 2023-01-07 [Sat] 03:22 with 161 hits
LumenoLumeno : Colored ball path dragging fun! Lumeno is an online game that will destroy your boredom.Posted by: [joshT] on 2022-12-31 [Sat] 09:17 with 229 hits
Spider Hero Street FightSpider Hero Street Fight : Play as Spiderman in this stunning Unity beat em up side-scroller game! Posted by: [joshT] on 2022-12-10 [Sat] 09:04 with 274 hits
Miami Crime SimulatorMiami Crime Simulator : Miami Crime Simulator will let you play as a crime lord in Miami, stealing vehicles and doing all the fun illegal stuff! Posted by: [joshT] on 2022-11-19 [Sat] 18:33 with 498 hits
Puppy BlastPuppy Blast : One of the easiest match 3 games. Because you only need to match 2! Posted by: [joshT] on 2022-11-12 [Sat] 03:20 with 446 hits
ImpostorImpostor : Impostor. The Among Us style web game that you can play online. Your goal is to create as much mayhem as possible. Posted by: [joshT] on 2022-11-06 [Sun] 02:52 with 383 hits
GugglesGuggles : A fun web online platformer which also some resemblance to Super Mario game from the 16-bit era. Posted by: [joshT] on 2022-10-15 [Sat] 10:52 with 439 hits
Merge Cannon: Chicken DefenseMerge Cannon: Chicken Defense : This game is a mix of two genres of merge and tower defense! The army of chickens is marching up to your castle. They may be cute, but they can ruthless! Posted by: [joshT] on 2022-10-09 [Sun] 01:38 with 540 hits
4x4 Offroad Simulator 3D4x4 Offroad Simulator 3D : 4x4 Offroad Simulator 3D takes you driving and exploring in a full 3D environment in your browser!Posted by: [joshT] on 2022-09-17 [Sat] 20:22 with 523 hits
Color PinColor Pin : Pin the colors and beat all the levels in this amazing and cute roundular color game! Posted by: [joshT] on 2022-08-13 [Sat] 10:35 with 953 hits
Sea BattleshipSea Battleship : Would you like to relive the classic pen and paper battleship game from school days? Play Sea Battleship online! Posted by: [joshT] on 2022-08-06 [Sat] 11:19 with 554 hits
Sushi BackgammonSushi Backgammon : Enjoy a round of one of the oldest board games known! In this tasty backgammon version your task is to move your pieces across the board onto the plate before your opponent.Posted by: [joshT] on 2022-07-30 [Sat] 11:15 with 797 hits
Snail Bob 8 Island StorySnail Bob 8 Island Story : Come enjoy a physics puzzle game featuring Snail Bob! He is now on a prehistoric island. Posted by: [joshT] on 2022-06-18 [Sat] 22:24 with 755 hits
BrickzBrickz : Finger swipe puzzle physics game with the ability to create chains and break brickz. Posted by: [joshT] on 2022-06-10 [Fri] 23:13 with 1845 hits
Zombies vs Penguins 4Zombies vs Penguins 4 : Shooting game, action and bombs, combined with physics, testing your brain! Posted by: [joshT] on 2022-06-04 [Sat] 12:20 with 964 hits
Om Nom RunOm Nom Run : Are you ready to explore the world of Om Nom Run and reach the highest of highscores? Posted by: [joshT] on 2022-05-14 [Sat] 10:39 with 2159 hits
Bubble Tower 3DBubble Tower 3D : Old Skool bubble shooter in a 3D tower. Launch the fireball and watch it tear down the tower! Posted by: [joshT] on 2022-05-07 [Sat] 03:27 with 778 hits
Captain Marvel Galactic FlightCaptain Marvel Galactic Flight : A very nicely done shmup featuring the favorite superheroine of Marvel, Captain Marvel! Posted by: [joshT] on 2022-04-24 [Sun] 00:47 with 901 hits
Strike Combat Pixel 3DStrike Combat Pixel 3D : An amazing Posted by: [joshT] on 2022-04-01 [Fri] 22:32 with 1080 hits
Worldcraft 2Worldcraft 2 : Craft the world of your dreams, all inside this fun little game called WorldCraft 2. Posted by: [joshT] on 2022-03-25 [Fri] 23:39 with 2934 hits
Tropic AdventureTropic Adventure : Endless Runner adventure game called Tropic Adventure! Run through the tropics and score points! Posted by: [joshT] on 2022-03-05 [Sat] 04:26 with 1458 hits
Among Us Space RushAmong Us Space Rush : Among Us Space Rush takes you through beautiful levels of platform goodness! Posted by: [joshT] on 2022-02-26 [Sat] 09:53 with 1062 hits
Garden Princess DressupGarden Princess Dressup : Take a look at this beautiful Garden Princess Dressup game with fancy outfits to choose from.Posted by: [joshT] on 2022-02-06 [Sun] 09:56 with 1696 hits
Block Champ ArenaBlock Champ Arena : Become the greatest Block Champion ever in Block Champ Arena!!Posted by: [joshT] on 2022-01-28 [Fri] 21:48 with 1252 hits
Addiction SolitaireAddiction Solitaire : Addiction Solitaire, a well-made browser card game. A classic from the past.Posted by: [joshT] on 2022-01-08 [Sat] 08:32 with 1354 hits
Hello Kitty MahjongHello Kitty Mahjong : Do you like a relaxing mahjong puzzle game? In the style of Hello Kitty... Posted by: [joshT] on 2022-01-01 [Sat] 07:36 with 1306 hits
Chromatic SealsChromatic Seals : Cute little blue seals, the main characters of this cute little physics puzzle game! Posted by: [joshT] on 2021-12-04 [Sat] 08:58 with 1516 hits
Sugar Sugar 3Sugar Sugar 3 : Sugar Sugar is a path-drawing physics puzzle game. Challenges the mind a lot. Posted by: [joshT] on 2021-11-27 [Sat] 07:14 with 3152 hits
Moto FuryMoto Fury : In Moto Fury, you ride your bike as long as you can. Avoid all the things that will derail you! Posted by: [joshT] on 2021-11-07 [Sun] 00:52 with 3300 hits
Cyber ClashCyber Clash : Pixel art and 8-bit music inspiring a new level of beat em up! Come slice some bad guys...Posted by: [joshT] on 2021-10-30 [Sat] 00:45 with 3366 hits
RazeRaze : Customize your character, choose a game mode, go in there and shoot some unfortunate targets. Play Raze online! Posted by: [joshT] on 2021-10-08 [Fri] 22:22 with 3581 hits
Frame SynthesisFrame Synthesis : A free online multi directional shmup by Katsuomi Kobayashi! Frame Synthesis is fast and easy to play but can become challenging. Posted by: [joshT] on 2021-09-17 [Fri] 11:38 with 1550 hits
Alpha TwistAlpha Twist : Twist the letters back into shape by tapping on their joints and rotating any extended arms. Posted by: [joshT] on 2021-09-12 [Sun] 02:10 with 3301 hits
World Wars 2World Wars 2 : World Wars 2 lets you become a great general, conquering land and continents all around the world... Posted by: [joshT] on 2021-08-27 [Fri] 15:16 with 3402 hits
Funny Throat SurgeryFunny Throat Surgery : Funny Throat Surgery, a game where you operate on the throat of a cartoon character. Posted by: [joshT] on 2021-07-31 [Sat] 16:29 with 1506 hits
Shot TriggerShot Trigger : Our hero will rescue the civilians from the underworld. Can you help him?Posted by: [joshT] on 2021-07-23 [Fri] 04:14 with 3606 hits
Jelly CatJelly Cat : Physics combined with a super fat cat, makes a very fun game!Posted by: [joshT] on 2021-06-25 [Fri] 11:35 with 3768 hits
Combo PoolCombo Pool : HTML5 Online Web Based Unique Pool Game!! One for wannabe trick shot masters, then, not least because rebounds considerably ramp up your score. Posted by: [joshT] on 2021-06-17 [Thu] 17:33 with 3623 hits
Indy CatIndy Cat : A free online casual gem puzzle game in HTML5!! Although the name is indy cat, the game is actually something like a match 3.Posted by: [joshT] on 2021-05-28 [Fri] 19:29 with 3612 hits
Gold Digger FRBRGold Digger FRBR : Play as a miner with a shovel and you are discovering the underground world.Posted by: [joshT] on 2021-05-22 [Sat] 15:56 with 1831 hits
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