Pro Evolution Soccer 2007 Review

I am a guy who happens to like soccer (football) very much and one of my favorite soccer games has got to be Winning Eleven Pro Evolution Soccer 2007 for PS2. It has nearly all I need to have lots of fun.
Pro Evolution Soccer 2007 Review
Pro Evolution Soccer 2007
Josh Tam's personal review

I am a guy who happens to like soccer (football) very much and one of my favorite soccer games has got to be Winning Eleven Pro Evolution Soccer 2007 for PS2. It has nearly all I need to have lots of fun.

It simulates a soccer match very very well. It is nearly like watching the real thing, though after playing for a long while you can find tiny loopholes where the computer is vulnerable to your attacks. But by adjusting the difficulty level, you can get a good fight from the computer. With awesome ball physics, anything can happen. I once hit the goal post on a shot and the ball rolled right across the goal without going in!! Oh my God. And there was one almost similar incident. The ball rolled slowly and the goal keeper was running to catch it. He was too late and the ball crossed the line and I scored.

Winning Eleven Pro Evolution Soccer 2007 boasts great graphics. Even though a little not as good as FIFA 07, it does not lag at all, the stadiums are magnifico and the players are well-rendered to look like their human counterparts. FIFA 07 has better player movements, as I see it. The running is more natural. Winning Eleven Pro Evolution Soccer 2007's player running animation is great too, but if you notice carefully, their heads remain at the same level when they run. In real-life, when you run, your head has got to bobble up and down at least a bit.

The configurations are what I like the most about this game. I could configure as many as 12 teams if I am not mistaken. The teams are already premade, with 22 bald players named Player 1, Player 2... and so on. You just pick one team and edit the details and the players and even DRAW YOUR OWN TEAM LOGO!! This is what I like about the Winning Eleven Series. I made a Tamugaia FC team, a Newgrounds Team (Newgrounds United) and my old highschool team and they ROCK!

The clubs in the game are limited though. They find it hard to get the teams to agree to have them in the game, unlike FIFA. Well, FIFA games is afiliated with FIFA, duh, so nearly every team on the planet can be entered in the FIFA games if they want.
I could play MLS teams (United State's teams) and English Premier League teams and even Korean Teams in FIFA but in Winning Eleven Pro Evolution Soccer 2007, hmmm... But then again, I don't quite care because of the awesome power to create teams provided by Winning Eleven Pro Evolution Soccer 2007, as stated previously. I am a guy who just wants to create his own team and win cups.

Speaking of cups, it is real fun to play in the master league. Upgrading player stats, buying new players and all... WINNING CUPS!! I have Abarai Renji (multirole) and Kurosaki Ichigo (Striker) on my team and they boomed through Master League. My friend Eric C (midfielder) is the playmaker and I have Alex Louis Armstrong, the big guy from Fullmetal Alchemist, as my defender!

The music is nice but I turned it off. Listening to loopy music for hours during player configurations would really annoy me. Winning Eleven Pro Evolution Soccer 2007's intro is a blast. It features lots and lots of Freestyle soccer. However, I still miss Winning Eleven 8's intro with the great guitar music and all. There was a lot of feel in that one.

As of now (as I am typing this), I am at the 3rd season of the Master League and in the process of winning the European Championship.
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Posted on 2007-06-22 [Fri] 16:53 with 6287 hits
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