Lego Star Wars Review

Lego Star Wars, the PS2 game, is a funny representation of the original Star Wars Episodes 1, 2 and 3. I really liked the game and it had a real sense of adventure in it.
Lego Star Wars Review
Josh Tam's personal review

Lego Star Wars, the PS2 game, is a funny representation of the original Star Wars Episodes 1, 2 and 3. I really liked the game and it had a real sense of adventure in it. It also made me laugh at numerous occasions without straying from the original Star Wars storyline.

There is single-player or double-player mode and you need to fight your way through the story. All characters in Star Wars were available in Lego Star Wars, but they are all rendered as Lego People! The game focuses on the story and not how good you can play, therefore, when the player character dies, he will respawn almost immediately. The game is really all about the fun of going through it, and not about testing your skills as a good player. You can actually take your time.

Lego Star Wars has a really unique and funny way of retelling the storyline and portraying situations. The cut-scenes in Lego Star Wars are quite similar to the real Star Wars movie, except that everything is lego. There is no talking and they all use gestures. But there are some real funny gestures in there. There is a scene where Obi Wan Kenobi tried to unleash his light saber but it did not seem to work. Then it suddenly got switched on it nearly hit his face. And I just love how the non-player-characters in Lego Star Wars die. They just explode into the lego building bricks that they are made of.

Each character in Lego Star Wars have a unique ability of their own. Some use guns, some use light sabers and some cannot do much but they can open doors and stuff. Some characters have different types. For instance, Anakin Skywalker. At first, he was a small boy, and then a Padawan, and then a Jedi, so there is 3 of Anakin. Qui Gon Jin is one of the coolest of them but he had to die in Episode 1. R2-D2 can fly for a short distance, but enough to go to unreachable places. C3-PO is practically useless and is needed for only some doors. Padme (Queen Amidala), Jar Jar Binks and some guard soldiers use guns.

The game play in Lego Star Wars is near excellent. Players can move around freely in the 3D world and destroy enemies and a lot of other objects too. Some objects can even be moved using either the force or physical pushing. However, there is a drawback. There are some scenes where you need to control the pod-racers or X-wings in order to gun down ships. WHen it comes to these missions, it is damn hard to finish the stage and when you blow your last chance, you will be warped back to when you started the mission. I felt frustrated, having to play a pod-racing game for a gazillion times before finally being able to progress through to the next stage. But there is also a unique gameplay where you need to solve mini-puzzles. Doing so can give you special Lego Bricks, more studs(cash, sort of) or will let you progress. So far, Lego Star Wars is a pretty enjoyable game for me to play either alone or with a friend. It will give you a lot of fun, especially if you are a Star Wars fan, and it will give you a whole lot of laughs.

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Posted on 2007-07-08 [Sun] 10:36 with 6424 hits
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