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Fist of Victory PC Fighting Game : Eagle Dragon Showdown

PC Kung Fu Fighting Game. Fist of Victory : Eagle Dragon Showdown


Fist of Victory : Eagle Dragon Showdown is a PC Kung Fu Fighting Game.
Fist of Victory is an Indie PC Kung Fu Fighting game featuring different fighting styles from China such as Dragon Style, Eagle Claw, Wing Chun, Hung Gar, Lost Track and Leopard. The game is made in 2D, a lot like the retro Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat classics. However, there is a difference in the fighting game engine. Please browse this page for more information about the game and check out screenshots and videos.

Recent News

2012-08-05 : Fist of Victory is released! Click here to get it!

2012-07-23 : The Official game page is currently being revamped.

2012-07-20 : Arcade mode is refined. Badges added.

2012-07-17 : The game interface is improved.

2012-04-12 : Development on Fist of Victory is underway...

Fist of Victory Game Overview

Genre: Fighting
Graphics: 2D
Platform: Windows
Game Modes: Story, Arcade, Versus
Players: 1 or 2

Conception of the Game

Since I was young, I have been playing fighting games. Although I am not some kind of champion, I am well-versed with may types of fighting games, from Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat to Tekken and Virtua Fighter. I also had a dream to create my own fighting game. I succeeded after creating Aevarrian Coliseum and Final Slam. But I am a Martial Arts junkie as well. I like watching Kung Fu movies a lot. Playing all those fighting games, I had the idea to create a Kung Fu fighting game.

Although lots of fighting games with Kung Fu themes already exist, for example Virtua Fighter, Tekken, Mortal Kombat, when playing those games, there is still not much Kung Fu feeling apart from the fact that they are having Kung Fu stances and Kung Fu moves. At least not to me. The fighters do look really cool and they really do use Kung Fu and other Martial Arts moves but still, they are far from the feel I get when watching Kung Fu movies. I started asking myself why so. Then after some observation while playing the games, I found out that one of the reasons is the blocking and movement mechanism of the games. Most 2D fighting games have the fighters block by covering their bodies or faces. Other 3D games have their characters simply move away. Another reason is their movement style. In some games, the fighters can dash fast and it seems like they are sliding on the ground surface.

Thus I made up my mind to design and develop a fighting game that will more closely portray Kung Fu fights instead of just to characters beating each other up with rapid strikes and fireballs. Check out the features of the game below!

System Requirements

Fist of Victory does not need a high-end computer to run smoothly. It has been tested on a 2008 Windows XP laptop and the results still showed smooth performance. Of course, the higher the system specs, the smoother the game will run. But below are the minimum system requirements needed to play the game:

OS - Windows XP / Vista / Seven (32-Bit)
Processor - Intel Celeron 1.6GHz and above
Memory - XP/Vista: 512 GB+
Hard Disk Space - 20MB
Video Card - andy card with DirectX 9 and above compatible
Sound Card - any card with DirectX 9 compatible
Input - Keyboard, Mouse

Special Features

Kung Fu Feel : Fist of Victory emphasizes on the Kung Fu feel within the gameplay. Have you ever played other fighting games that are awesome but you still feel like it is just 2 characters randomly punching and blocking, although they are delivering awesome knockout special moves and combos? Fist of Victory aims to move away from that feeling. The fighters in the game have more than one defense positions, and can also use the position relevant to the attack position. Therefore, when blocking high attacks, high blocks are used. Low blocks will be used for low attacks. This brings the game closer to the "kung fu fighting" feeling that is seen in martial arts films such as those played by Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Donnie Yen and so on...

Skill, Strategy and Timing : Unlike some games where you can rapidly fire projectile spams or bash the kick button to win, Fist of Victory incorporates a system that focuses on strategy, timing and skill. Deciding which moves to use at a certain time and which time to use a certain move are the key factors to win. However, button-bashing can also be used as one of the strategies, just that you will need to do it at the write time. More on the fighting system in the strategy section.

Story Mode : There is a visual-novel-type story mode, centering around Man Tao's confrontation with fellow kung fu fighters.

Arcade Mode : In this mode, you are pitted against unlimited opponents. Your win/loss record is saved and you have the chance to win the various available badges.

Camera Zoom : The battle arena can zoom in and out depending on what how far the fighters are from each other.

Health Status: Another unique feature that I included is the reflection of the fighter's health. A fighter with a low health will look exhausted and cannot move as fast or jump as high as when s/he was fresh.


The game is created and developed by me, Josh Tam. I am also the main artist, programmer and designer. Most background art are drawn by Phalguni and the battle soundtracks are composed by Naimov. You can contact me by emailing me at [ josh_tamugaia at yahoo dot com ]. You can also get hold of me in the Tamugaia Forum.

Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: When was this be released?
A: Early August 2012. Here's the Fist of Victory Page on IndieDB. To get the game, click here

Q: How much is it?
A: Only $4.97.

Q: Can I have sneak peaks?
A: Sure. You can find the videos in the videos section.

Q: What platform is the game on?
A: For now, Windows XP and above. There maybe plans for MacOS and Linux ports later.

Q: What are the moves of (fighter name here)?
A: Please check the moves list section.

Q: How can I shoot a projectile such as a hadoken?
A: You cannot. This game emphasizes on real kung fu and martial arts. No magic. But then I may come up with another fighting game with lots of magic in future!

Q: I cannot beat the computer opponent. Any tips?
A: The most common remedy here is to NOT go all out and bash the attack buttons without thinking. After I finished the game engine, I had a few test rounds. And I realized that this game resembles sparring to some extent. Timing is key. Be wary at all times, get ready to block your opponent's attacks and strike at the right time. If you just get close to your opponent and hit X X X X X, you may get some hits but your opponent may block and counter immediately. You will have no time to defend and you will be at a disadvantage. More on this in the Tips and Strategies section.

Q: I tried a jumping attack but it missed?
A: In this game, the jumping attacks are not the same as other 2D fighting games. They are one-hit attacks. So if you jump high up and press Y (kick), your fighter will do a kick at that instance. But when your fighter drops down toward your opponent, s/he would have already swung the leg out to kick. Jumping kicks and punches need to be timed correctly. First jump high up and wait for your opponent to be horizontally level with your fighter and then press Y and BAM! Give it a try!

Q: The game kinda lags. What do I do?
A: When it does, the most common culprit is having too many applications running in the background. Close some and gameplay should be improved. Sometimes you may experience lagging when running fullscreen. In that case, if you clicked the Maximize button (next to the X), then in the game, please go to: Main Menu > Options > Game Options > Display Mode Then choose either of the fullscreen modes, and lag should be reduced to nearly 0. I tested this on a 2008 Celeron with 512MB Ram and it was still very smooth!

Q: What is Power Finish?
A: Power Finish means you can only finish your opponent with a power move. Vice versa for your opponent. This means when a fighter's life bar reaches 0, he or she will not KO, until you hit the fighter with a power move such as jumping kick, special move... This option lets you punish a weakened opponent by hitting as many times as you like (small moves) and when you are satisfied, you can finish him/her off. And when your life is bar is 0, you will still have a chance in hell as long as you don't get hit with any powerful move.

Q: How do I unlock the locked characters?
A: Just finish story mode!

Q: I like this game! Can I be of any help? If so, how can I contribute?
A: Thanks! You can spread the word by sharing (copy and paste) the URL of this page:


or the indieDB page:


Share it on your Facebook, Twitter... etc

Q: Can I be notified of Fist of Victory or Tamugaia updates?
A: Sure. You can use these options:
Save Tamugaia RSS
Like Tamugaia on Facebook
Follow Tamugaia on Twitter
Email me at [ josh_tamugaia at yahoo dot com ] and I will put you on my private list.

Q: Can I contact you regarding the game or anything?
A: Sure. Email me at josh_tamugaia at yahoo dot com


Here, you can find info and stats about the fighters in Fist of Victory!
Man Tao

Fist of Victory Man Tao Style: Dragon Style
Strength: ★★★
Speed : ★★★★★
Skill : ★★★★

Info : Man Tao is a boy who has the desire to stand up for himself and for the rights of others. However, he is weak and is always beaten up by bullies until one day... He is trained by Master Mong in Dragon Style and he becomes a good fighter. Man Tao's techniques include powerful swinging punches as well as a jump spin kick. Having Martial Arts, Man Tao has no more need to fear being pushed over. But he is also dragged into the world of Kung Fu and pit against other powerful fighters...


Fist of Victory Sansan Style: Wing Chun
Strength: ★★
Speed : ★★★★★
Skill : ★★★

Info : Sansan is Man Tao's childhood friend. She moved to a different town but she suddenly resurfaced. She is skilled in Wing Chun. Sansan, although having a weak body frame, excels in speed and combos. With the right timing, her techniques can make up for a lack of strength and even gain an advantage over a stronger opponent.

Gray Heron

Fist of Victory Gray Heron Style: Unknown
Strength: ★★
Speed : ★★★★★
Skill : ★★★★★

Info : Gray Heron is the inner guardian of the Leopard King's hidden temple. He resembles Black Hyena in many ways, but little is known about his true identity and his relationship with Black Hyena. His kung fu techniques are of an unknown origin and employs high kicks and straight orthodox punches.

Lok Lee

Fist of Victory Lok Lee Style: Shaolin Monkey
Strength: ★★★
Speed : ★★★★★
Skill : ★★★★★

Info : Lok Lee, a competitor in the kung fu tournament, is an unorthodox fighter. His Kung Fu style is the Shaolin Monkey style which contains acrobatic feats and rolling movements. This makes him a dangerous and formidable opponent. Lok Lee imitates monkey movements when in a fight or in demonstrations.

Fong Kok

Fist of Victory Fong Kok Style: Hung Gar
Strength: ★★★★★
Speed : ★★
Skill : ★★

Info : Fong Kok is a tall and heavy man who has knowledge on Hung Gar kung fu. He is often seen hanging out in the streets, picking on smaller people. Fong Kok is not really interested in improving his kung fu. He often uses brawling techniques and his strength advantage to win fights. Fong Kok's lack of speed is compensated by his superior strength. He is able to lift his opponents up and slam them to the ground!

Black Hyena

Fist of Victory Black Hyena Style: Unknown
Strength: ★★
Speed : ★★★★
Skill : ★★★★

Info : Black Hyena is one of the minions of the Leopard King, serving as the door guardian. His fighting techniques are orthodox and not derived from the Leopard King. However, his moves are fast and can catch his opponents off-guard. He resembles Gray Heron in many ways, but little is known about his true identity and his relationship with Gray Heron.

Chan Wai

Fist of Victory Chan Wai Style: Tiger Fist
Strength: ★★★★
Speed : ★★★★
Skill : ★★★

Info : Chan Wai grew up in the streets, together with Fong Kok. He is well-versed in Hung Gar Kung Fu, especially the Tiger Form. However, he spends most of his time wandering around and bullying other people. Chan Wai is an all-round fighter, with a solid stance and powerful strikes. Although his fighting style is not speedy, his tiger claw strikes are often deadly when used.

Master Mong

Fist of Victory Master Mong Style: Dragon Style
Strength: ★★
Speed : ★★★★★
Skill : ★★★★★

Info : A retired Martial Artist, Master Mong Cheong Fung lives alone in a simple hut. One day, he ran into Man Tao and decided to train him up and teach him the Dragon Style. Master Mong is a master of Dragon Style Kung Fu, with a lot of experience and fast reflexes. However, age caught up to him and his strength and vitality is fading, making him unable to take many hits. His body frame is relatively small, and therefore, he is often at a disadvantage against bigger opponents.

Tang Hun

Fist of Victory Tang Hun Style: Lost Track Fist (Mizong Quan)
Strength: ★★★
Speed : ★★★★★
Skill : ★★★★★

Info : Tang Hun is a skilled Lost Track Fist martial artist. He is a contender in the Martial Arts tournament. Tag Hun specializes in speedy strikes and powerful spinning kicks, including the whirlwind air kick.

Leopard King

Fist of Victory Leopard King Style: Leopard Fist
Strength: ★★★★
Speed : ★★★★★
Skill : ★★★★★

Info : The Leopard King is the second last boss. Armed with Leopard Fist kung fu, he uses several long-range dash strikes to attack the opponent. He is the keeper of the secrets of a hidden temple in the heart of a forest. Aside from that, he is also involved in experiments with magical spells on unsuspecting victims.

Hu Lon

Fist of Victory Hu Lon Style: Eagle Claw
Strength: ★★★★
Speed : ★★★★★
Skill : ★★★★★

Info : The final boss. Hu Lon is a bad-ass character; a Manchurian who despises the Han race. As the leader of his gang and one of the most powerful martial artists in town, he is hell-bent on expanding his territory by obtaining more and more followers. He uses a unique Eagle claw technique with powerful kicks and lunging strikes.

Note: all characters are almost balanced, with the weaker ones having more speed and the slower ones having less strength. But there is still a difference in levels, since some characters are bosses and some are ordinary.

Fist of Victory Moves List

Legend: B=Back, D=Down, F=Front, X=X_Key, Y=Y_Key
DFX means press Down and then Front and then X

Combination Punches:"DBX"
Rapid Strikes: "BDFX"
Double Step:"DFY"

Man Tao
Jump Spin Kick:"DFY"
Circle Uppercut:"DFX"
Overhead Kick:"BFY"
Leopard Palm Strike:"DFFX"

Leopard King
Bicycle Spin Kick:"BDFY"
Dash Palm Strikes:"DFDFX"
Jumping Cartwheel Escape:"DBDBX"

Black Hyena
Bicycle Kick:"BFY"
Hyena Fist:"DDDX"

Chan Wai
Shoulder Tackle:"DBX"
Tiger Strike:"DFX"
Tiger Claws:"BFX"

Tang Hun
Airspin Whirlwind Kick:"BDFY"
Rising Kick:"DDY"
Lost Track Kick:"DFY"

Gray Heron
Bicycle Kick:"BFY"
Heron Spinning Fist:"DDFX"

Lok Lee
Back Handspring Kick:"DBY"
Monkey Roll:"BFX"
Speedy Flying Kick:"BBY"

Fong Kok
Rolling Uppercut:"DFX"
Running Double Punch:"BFX"

Hu Lon
Eagle Dive Claw:"BDX"
Dash Claw Strikes:"BBFX"
Eagle Thrust Claw:"BFFX"

Master Mong
Jump Spin Kick:"DFY"
Forward Thrust Kick:"DDY"
Circle Uppercut:"DFX"

Main Concept

At first, this game's fight engine was made with the idea of getting the feel of kung fu movies such as Drunken Master, Ip Man, Jackie Chan movies... But after I finished the game engine, I had a few test rounds. And I realized that this game resembles sparring to some extent. Two fighters going at each other, but each fighter on the alert, watching out for incoming attacks in order to dodge or block them. And at the same time, waiting for the right momemt to strike!


Timing is key. Be wary at all times, get ready to block your opponent's attacks and strike at the right time. With certain other fighting games, you can spam projectiles or use repeated kicks to be unstoppable. You just have to make sure you damage your opponent more than s/he damages you. But this is not the case for Fist of Victory. If you just get close to your opponent and hit X X X X X, you may get some hits but your opponent may block and counter immediately. You will have no time to defend and you will be at a disadvantage.

The lifebar matters. The lower your lifebar, the slower you will move and the lower you will jump. Keep this in mind when in a match. If your lifebar reaches a low level, it will be reflected on your fighter. S/he will look tired out!

Generally, a match will not last long. Probably less than one minute. But when you are well-accustomed to the gameplay, you can set the difficulty to Legend mode. Matches will be more exciting with more suspense as there will be more back-and-forths. If you are skilled enough to go toe-to-toe with your opponent, a match will also last longer!


As explained in the game tutorial, certain moves are lighter and faster, whereas others are heavier and slower.
A move can either hit or be dodged. Dodged means the move does not connect at all, and does no damage. Hit means the move hits the fighter either directly or it gets blocked (opponent still receives reduced damage)
Light moves such as speed punches and kicks can easily hit an opponent. But the damage will not be much.
Heavy moves such as special moves, throws and powerful kicks will be harder to hit. But once hit, the damage will be a lot.
The fighter's lifebar can also affect hit or dodge. A high lifebar (healthy) opponent can easily dodge. So using powerful moves on a healthy fighter will have nearly no hit chance unless you get really lucky. A low lifebar opponent will be weaker and cannot easily dodge moves. In this case, small moves are very likely to hit and heavy moves have a chance to hit!
You can use this knowledge when playing the game to have a better advantage!

Avoid excessive jumping. When jumping, you are unable to block or dodge.

Defending can be done using the Back or Down key. A good strategy is to duck near your opponent. You will be able to avoid certain blows and defend the rest. It is better than pressing Back because you will not be parrying from your opponent.

One good strategy is pressuring. Pressuring is done by repeatedly using small moves on a weak opponent. Since a weak opponent is more unlikely to dodge, s/he will have to block more often or get hit. That way, even when blocking, the opponent will keep taking damage. Small moves are fast, therefore leaving less room and time for the opponent to strike back.


Gameplay Trailer 1:
This is the first Fist of Victory Trailer. Made during the late stage of development.

Tang Hun Gameplay:

Legend Gameplay:

[ Get Fist of Victory... $4.97 Only! ]

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