Freedom Does Not Last

Freedom of speech? Freedom of expression? True freedom does not last long. Why?
Freedom Does Not Last
Freedom is a good thing. It means everyone is free to do anything and say anything.

Is there such a thing? Well, not quite. Freedom is still limited to the law. In some countries, there are some sensitive stuff that you are not allowed to say. Or else you will end up in jail without trial! And in most countries, when we do something against the law, we will still get caught. Which means we are not free to do anything. We are just free to do anything legal.

But then again, is there such a thing as legal freedom? Well from my observations, at first there will be, once freedom is acknowledged. But as time passes, that freedom will be gone. Why? OK, let me explain. There is such a thing as Tyranny of the Majority. It means even though there is no more tyrant or dictator controlling everyone, there can be a situation where the majority of the people are agreeing or in favor of one opinion, making those majority the tyrant instead. And therefore, the minority who have different opinions will NOT be respected. So it might be better than a single tyrant but it is still not pleasant. For example: in the 90's and 2000's, Microsoft ruled the operating system world. So anyone not using Windows will be ditched or frowned upon.

Then will the tyranny of the majority ever break? Of course. When the majority's percentage decreases. For example, in the late 2000's, and following 2010, Apple's stuff started booming. And all of a sudden iPod, iPhone, iMac, MacBook, iPad and other iShit started to get very popular, rivaling Microsoft Windows stuff. The Tyranny of the Majority ended. And what happened? War of 2 Worlds. Both Microsoft and Apple supporters are strong, against each other. Still, there is still tyranny of the majority if you don't count the global market. Maybe a certain area of population are all Apple fanboys. If you go there and talk good about Microsoft stuff, you'll get some shit coming your way since the majority are Apple product users.

How does this relate to freedom? Well, we have freedom of speech and expression. So at first, as a country embraces this, its people are able to freely say or do stuff within the law. Contrasting opinions will be heard and respected. But later, as the tyranny of the majority or the War of 2 worlds builds up, there is no more freedom of speech and expression. It will just be an illusion. You will only be free to say stuff around those who agree with you. If you go to an area where the majority (tyrants) disagree with you and you say it, no matter how legal your speech is, you are not free to say it. If you say it, you will get punished in the form of insults, personal attacks, kicks and bans (online). And this is not limited to speech. Artwork, music, writing... anything!

So yes. My advice is: Always be careful what you say wherever you are. Or if you are brave enough, go ahead but get ready to shield the shit that will need to shield. Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Expression are just illusions or hypes. Yes, this is how the world really is.
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Posted on 2012-05-28 [Mon] 00:23 with 4779 hits
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