Flash 9 Actionscript 3 Slowing me down?

Recently I have been developing lots of flash games but a lot of them could not be finished... I was not sure why I would always run into some trouble...
Flash 9 Actionscript 3 Slowing me down?
Well, I found out why. I upgraded my Flash to Flash CS3, and have been using Actionscript 3 to make flash games. Actionscript 3 is now much like Java or C++ allowing versatility and quick rendering speeds, enabling them to support 3D graphics. That was how I came up with Armor Games Snowball 08 and Kondense. Those games were made using a 3D AS3 engine called Papervision and they ran quite smoothly even on a Celeron 800Mhz. How's that?

But recently I found out that AS3's power comes with a price. What is the price? Lengthened development time. I would need 4X the amount of time to complete a game using Flash CS3's Actionscript 3 compared to previous flash version's Actionscript 2. Why? AS3 is a lot stricter and it uses lots of classes. I myself am a multimedia author and I started out making flash movies using just simple scripting. I can do programming too, but I always took quite long during my C++ days, to debug errors and stuff.

Therefore, I decided that the best way for me now is to stick to AS2 and use AS3 only when needed. AS3 would be for games that require lots of particles and have a possibility to lag, like shooting games or 3D-rendered games. The rest, I would be better of using AS2. Thank God, I could still use AS2 in Flash CS3!

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Tags : flash 9, adobe, macromedia, action3script
Posted on 2008-05-16 [Fri] 00:07 with 5726 hits
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